Released 2018-07-10
0003130: [Bug] Compilation error in OpenFOAM-6 (henry)
0003122: [Patch] fieldAverageItem prints out incorrect value (henry)
0003055: [Feature] "postProcess -func yPlus" cannot calculate y+ for more than 1 folder at a time (chris)
0003105: [Bug] chtMultiRegionFoam checks for closedVolume in transient (PIMPLE) case, where it probably should not (will)
0003088: [Patch] Proposition for wmRefresh with Bash to not use aliases (henry)
0003084: [Bug] Lagrangian KinematicParcel hitPatch called on inactive parcel => LocalInteraction number of stuck parcels is wrong (will)
0003012: [Patch] Allclean in new singleFluidCHT template does not get regionDirs (henry)
0003070: [Bug] Wrong linking being used by "-doc" & "-srcDoc" options (henry)
0003067: [Bug] Wrong linking being used by "-doc" & "-srcDoc" options (henry)
0003062: [Patch] Radiation BCs, missing autoMap and rmap (henry)
0003019: [Bug] OF 6 wallHeatFlux utility not working on chtMultiRegionFoam tutorials (will)
0003026: [Bug] rhoCentralFoam, sonicFoam results in version 5 and 6 don't match previous version results which have been validated (henry)
0003029: [Bug] wingMotion tutorial crash up after a period of time (henry)
0003025: [Bug] wallHeatFlux Utility - Error in new versions - internalEnergy/Enthalpy mismatch for sonicFoam and rhoCentralFoam (henry)
0003013: [Patch] Typo in surfaces case dict (henry)
0003016: [Bug] bug in rigidBodyMotion solver (henry)
0003015: [Bug] eigenValue and eigenVector computation give wrong results (will)
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Released 2017-07-26
0003033: [Bug] paraFoam error: libGL error: No matching fbConfigs or visuals found (chris)
0002646: [Bug] Cannot launch openfoam5-linux / docker (henry)
0002697: [Bug] Phase fraction close to the wall presents an almost constant value along several cells for different mesh refinements. (henry)
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Released 2017-07-26
0002951: [Patch] Several descriptions in headers still mention 'fileName' instead of 'file' (henry)
0002899: [Bug] compressibleInterFoam does not calculate T.phase1 and T.phase2 on boundaries (henry)
0002894: [Patch] Typos in the omega header file in wingMotion tutorial (henry)
0002890: [Bug] tutorial damBreakPorousBaffle crashes early (henry)
0002838: [Patch] intel compiler support of makeCGAL (henry)
0002822: [Bug] Missinig time dimension in Euler Scheme for moving mesh (henry)
0002805: [Bug] Description of particleTrap CloudFunctionObject has minor error (will)
0002792: [Bug] postProcess in parallel (henry)
0002785: [Bug] compressibleInterFoam issue with transonic option and mass conservation (henry)
0002786: [Patch] POSIX.C: minor textual inconsistencies on the threading functions near the end (henry)
0002780: [Bug] error when bash_completion is sourced (henry)
0002777: [Bug] Minor error in string representation of Lagrangian particle's properties (will)
0002772: [Bug] SprayDyMFoam gave a wrong parcel distribution as dynamic mesh is used. The parcel distribution is straight aligned (will)
0002722: [Feature] Wall Heat Flux function object (henry)
0002774: [Patch] Error on reconstructPar after decomposing an fluent3DMeshToFoam mesh (henry)
0002747: [Bug] 'decomposedBlockData.C' is not compiling with 64-bit labels (henry)
0002750: [Bug] Error compiling OpenFOAM 5.x (henry)
0002748: [Bug] externalWallHeatFluxTemperature boundary condition needs dictionary entry kappa but does request it (henry)
0002734: [Bug] setWaves with compressibleMultiphaseInterFoam - waveAlpha sets air phase boundary condition wrong? (will)
0002669: [Bug] Crash using new collated format (henry)
0002712: [Patch] snappyHexMesh + mirrorMesh not adaptive meshing ready (henry)
0002739: [Bug] runTime.path() incorrect when using collated fileHandler (henry)
0002740: [Bug] Basic Matrix-Field Multiplication broken for Rectangular matrices (henry)
0002728: [Bug] nearWallFields fails to produce field on some meshes (will)
0002729: [Bug] nearWallFields doesn't really take into account distance parameter and thus produce incorrect value (henry)
0002720: [Bug] chtMultiRegionSimpleFoam - converged time step will not be saved (henry)
0002710: [Contribution] blockMesh addNote part gives an diagram of clockwise coordinate system (henry)
0002714: [Bug] thermoFoam: duplicate header file inclusion (henry)
0002699: [Bug] Eulerian multiphase, faceMomentum: fvOption rho sources are neglected in momentum equations (henry)
0002691: [Bug] Unable to convert UNV mesh (henry)
0002667: [Bug] purgeWrite does not work in the collated file format (henry)
0002663: [Bug] Possible bug in chtMultiRegionFoam (chtMultiRegionFoam/fluid/pEqn.H) of V5.0 (henry)
0002657: [Bug] Issue with the path to the CGAL libraries (henry)
0002637: [Patch] need modification in makeCGAL for CGAL 4.9.x (henry)
0002648: [Bug] makeCMake has a hard coded version of cmake which is to old for building paraview (henry)
0002645: [Bug] fileHandler option missing due to wrong static initialization order (henry)
0002636: [Bug] Sourcing bashrc using the ksh shell in 5.0 (henry)
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Released 2016-03-11
0003127: [Bug] tutorial multiphase/compressibleInterFoam/laminar/depthCharge3D crash about at 0.018s due to negative initial temperature (henry)
0003102: [Bug] Inconsistent behavior of fanFvPatchField (henry)
0003100: [Bug] Calculation of r in NVDTVD.H (henry)
0003075: [Feature] totalFlowRateAdvectiveDiffusive requires LES turbulence model (henry)
0003101: [Patch] externalWallHeatFluxTemperature: Possibilty of a FPE (henry)
0003085: [Bug] Enthalpy coefficient a_ wrong for C3H6O.C (henry)
0002057: [Bug] ACMI incompatible with velocityComponentLaplacian (henry)
0002864: [Feature] Request for change in direction convension in dynamicAlphaContactAngle BC (henry)
0002826: [Bug] Errorneous behaviour of velocity interpolation scheme cellPointWallModified in Lagrangian Particle Tracking (henry)
0003090: [Bug] Unused source file of OpenFOAM should be deleted (henry)
0001147: [Bug] Sample utility: line passing through internal cyclic boundary using midPoint set sampling definition isn't possible (will)
0003080: [Feature] foamMonitor to plot in terminal window, e.g. for execution on server (will)
0003078: [Bug] Bug in Time class (henry)
0003076: [Bug] is nut wall function in SRFSimpleFoam mixer tutorial actually using Urel? (henry)
0003056: [Bug] Found an "Achilles heel" in the Barycentric implementation (will)
0003066: [Bug] LES Prandtl delta documentation example incorrect (henry)
0003053: [Patch] Function1: CSV reader enhancements (henry)
0003054: [Feature] Density not saved by reactingFoam (henry)
0003020: [Bug] Question regarding fvcDdtPhiCoeff and LTS (henry)
0003024: [Patch] GeometricField construct from dictionary reads old-time field (henry)
0003017: [Patch] Misc. typo fixes pt5 (henry)
0003010: [Patch] small corrections to text formatting of solidificacationMeltingSource documentation (henry)
0003006: [Patch] Tweak wmake rules to avoid linker issues (henry)
0002999: [Bug] Wrong datatype for counting parcels in ThermoCloudI.H (will)
0002058: [Patch] [kineticTheory] Frictional stress at walls (henry)
0002507: [Patch] corrected a description for setTimeStep function object (henry)
0002529: [Bug] triSurfaceMesh in blockMesh (henry)
0002629: [Bug] thin-film boundary condition accuracy (henry)
0002323: [Bug] thermalBaffel1D (henry)
0002380: [Bug] MRF solver for omega=0 does not reproduce simpleFoam solver results (henry)
0002239: [Bug] decomposePar -fields duplicates particle positions (henry)
0002524: [Contribution] CHT Solver patched for using residual control (henry)
0002585: [Bug] U Residuals in chtMultiRegionSimpleFoam (henry)
0002962: [Bug] Refresh button in Paraview (using paraFoam) does not work (will)
0002997: [Bug] Sampling pressure with rhoPimpleFoam -postProcess fails (henry)
0002984: [Bug] Opening parenthesis in the wrong place in a dictionary file can lead to an infinite loop (henry)
0000347: [Bug] Cannot stitch more than two regions to join using stitchMesh (henry)
0002983: [Patch] Patching a couple of bugs introduced with shellcheck in commit 0cca22576295 (henry)
0002980: [Bug] Possible bug in src/finiteVolume/cfdTools/general/include/gh.H (will)
0002966: [Bug] Reacting parcels, using "none" as devolatilization model prevents surface reactions (will)
0002978: [Feature] Description of multiphaseEulerFoam confusing (henry)
0002976: [Bug] Allrun-parallel script in hotBoxes tutorial misses one line (henry)
0002974: [Bug] foamDictionary ignore -case switch (henry)
0002950: [Bug] Strange issue triggered when reading an ascii label list, while the file is in binary mode (henry)
0002965: [Contribution] suggestion for code improvement for bugfix 2956 (will)
0002956: [Bug] multiprocessor disc ConeNozzleInjection (will)
0002958: [Bug] compressibleInterFoam does not calculate heat exchange (henry)
0002960: [Bug] cellSets in blockMesh (henry)
0002953: [Bug] externalWallHeatFluxTemperature causes wrong results if emissivity is not zero (henry)
0002955: [Bug] Mesh - boundary - duplicated entries with keyword inGroups (henry)
0002938: [Bug] layerParameters.C: Number of iterations insufficient (henry)
0002930: [Patch] heightAboveWave always initialized with 'false' in copy constructor (will)
0002940: [Bug] PIMPLE does not iterate, if in timestep before number of necessary iterations is equal to nOuterCorrectors (will)
0002939: [Bug] Using multiInteraction type patchInteractionModel (will)
0002934: [Bug] cellZone specified twice in fvOptions of angledDuctExplicitFixedCoeff tutorial (henry)
0002933: [Bug] getApplication error when #calc invoked in functions sub-dict of system/controlDict (henry)
0002932: [Contribution] better description of max eutectic melt fraction alpha1e (henry)
0002931: [Patch] max eutectic melt fraction is a real number such that 0<=alpha1e<1 (henry)
0002927: [Patch] "fvOption.C" listed under 'SourceFiles' in file "fixedTemperatureConstraint.H", instead of "fixedTemperatureConstraint.C" (henry)
0002925: [Bug] Make/options cannot include '-IlnInclude' (henry)
0002919: [Patch] 'energyJumpFvPatchScalarField.H' includes 'Function1.H', even though it doesn't need it (henry)
0002920: [Patch] Update for the 'Class' entries in the folder "src/regionModels/surfaceFilmModels/submodels", which are incomplete at the moment (henry)
0002692: [Contribution] Scripting for avoiding mismatches between header files and their macro bounds (henry)
0002917: [Bug] wmakeLnUnclude unable to find some folders (henry)
0002907: [Contribution] a proposal of fvOptions solidificationMeltingSource for not isotherm phase change (henry)
0002913: [Bug] new convergence control classes causes mpi block in some PIMPLE-based solvers (will)
0002881: [Bug] wideBandAbsorptionEmission coefficient bug and inconsistency with (henry)
0002904: [Bug] Rare bug: purgeWrite + SIMPLE.residualControl + stopping criteria also reached at writeTime ==> last time step is deleted (will)
0002909: [Bug] Typo forceCoeffs description table (henry)
0002396: [Bug] dictionary scoped look up too forgiving? (henry)
0002886: [Bug] bug in compressibleInterDyMFoam after removing ddtCorr from MRF (henry)
0002901: [Feature] streamLine function object fails in compiling (henry)
0002882: [Patch] Radiative energy source terms broken for fvDOM radiation model with wideBandAbsorptionEmission (henry)
0002891: [Patch] Misc. typo fixes pt4 (left overs) (henry)
0002889: [Bug] #calc converts all variables to float (henry)
0002887: [Patch] Misc. typo fixes pt3 (henry)
0002884: [Bug] foamJob not adapted to new naming of processor-directories (collated) (henry)
0002880: [Patch] forces function object issue (henry)
0002871: [Feature] Follow up to 0002688: Barycentric Tracking Makes DSMC Simulations Significantly Slower (will)
0002874: [Bug] Wrong initialization order in PengRobinsonGas ctor (inline) (henry)
0002873: [Patch] Compile error in sweptFaceAreaWeightAMI.C with intel compiler (will)
0002870: [Patch] MVAPICH2 support (henry)
0002869: [Patch] CGAL_DEPRECATED_MSG error while CGAL compile with intel compiler (henry)
0002845: [Patch] Misc. typo fixes pt2 (henry)
0002863: [Bug] OpenFOAM-5.x/Allwmake fails in the begining (henry)
0002844: [Patch] Misc. typo fixes (henry)
0002835: [Bug] decomposePar -force fails to remove time folders in processor* dirs (henry)
0002837: [Bug] Lagrangian Particles - Incorrect amount of mass still being injected if parcelsPerSecond 'too large' (will)
0002820: [Bug] Tricky bug in ┬╗adjustableRunTime┬ź while using functionObjects (will)
0002829: [Patch] directFieldMapper has wrong named constructor (henry)
0002824: [Bug] violation of mass conservation in compressibleInterDyMFoam (henry)
0002827: [Patch] Fix possibility of exiting OpenFOAM with any integer error code. (henry)
0002815: [Feature] Splitting MPI_COMM_WORLD to allow multiple programs run simultaneously (henry)
0002819: [Contribution] foamMonitor to show a custom title in gnuPlot graph (henry)
0002807: [Feature] sample with region name does not work (henry)
0002804: [Bug] chtMultiRegionSimpleFoam probes multiple output (will)
0002801: [Bug] interfaceHeight output format (will)
0002794: [Feature] vandriest delta description (henry)
0002787: [Feature] CombustionModel fails when compiling (will)
0002782: [Bug] foamCloneCase does not work properly when using collated fileHandler (henry)
0001692: [Bug] blockMesh cannot create rotational cyclic patches (henry)
0002776: [Bug] 'wallHeatFlux' function object does not work in parallel due to issue with "coupledFvPatchField::snGrad" (henry)
0002771: [Patch] wordRe.H enum compOption wrong comment (henry)
0002666: [Patch] Alternative way to calculate momentum transfer from lagrangian parcels (will)
0002744: [Bug] Cannot reconstruct a decomposed collated case (henry)
0002757: [Bug] hotBoxes tutorial in OpenFOAM-dev (henry)
0002758: [Bug] Why did you include the same file (autoPtr.H) twice in "solidThermo.H"? (henry)
0002735: [Bug] update error (henry)
0002753: [Patch] TDAC, support for multiphase use (henry)
0002713: [Patch] Harmonic surface interpolation scheme predict the boundary face values wrong (henry)
0002749: [Bug] iterator operator (henry)
0002525: [Feature] [Feature request] Time derivative as postProcess function (henry)
0002733: [Bug] When running simpleFoam -postProcess porosity forces are not taken into account (henry)
0002724: [Feature] Added residual control output for log files (henry)
0002726: [Bug] foamDictionary: problem with #include-statement in a subdict with disableFunctionEntries (henry)
0002727: [Bug] mergeMeshes fails when master mesh has zero patches (henry)
0002725: [Patch] Remove unnecessary interpolation in wallHeatFlux (henry)
0002719: [Patch] Doxygen-Warning for Tenneti dragModel (will)
0002711: [Bug] BlockMesh not able to produce an indenpendent tangential resolution for two connected prism blocks (henry)
0002716: [Bug] Tiny error in PCG.C (henry)
0002591: [Bug] Error in YiEqn for multiphase flows (will)
0002707: [Bug] Compiling problems after 85fbc13 (sixDoFRigidBodyState) (henry)
0002470: [Bug] MULES prevents settling in lower cells. (henry)
0002685: [Patch] createPatch will always dump 'cyclic' matches to '.obj' files (henry)
0002572: [Patch] Add multiphase support to limitTemperature fvOption (henry)
0002621: [Bug] refineMesh crashes when run in parallel (henry)
0002642: [Bug] extend OpenFOAM compilation compatibility on Linux platforms: readline needs -lncurses if ncurses is installed (henry)
0002635: [Bug] No tags for v4.1 or v5.0 in Git repo (henry)
0002632: [Patch] foamJob is not working correctly when collated file handler is set (henry)
0002620: [Bug] pyrolysis model yields inconsistent info for serial vs. parallel runs (henry)
0002615: [Bug] foamSequenceVTKFiles does not enumerate chronologically (henry)
0002617: [Contribution] BuoyantPimpleFoam crashes when no pressure is fixed (henry)
0002610: [Bug] decomposePar -case fails to find decomposeParDict (henry)
0002614: [Feature] triSurface location specification using 'file' does not work in parallel (henry)
0002613: [Contribution] swirlFlowRateInletVelocity does not give expected result for axi-symmetric case (henry)
0002569: [Patch] changeDictionary utility does not run for all the time range selected (henry)
0002595: [Bug] ParticleCollector sampling error (will)
0002573: [Contribution] More general Function1 based model to replace "polynomial" saturationModel in reactingEulerFoam (henry)
0002583: [Bug] Compressibility (variable density) for pureIsothermalPhaseModel in reactingEulerFoam (henry)
0002559: [Bug] -dev version fails compiling (henry)
0002548: [Contribution] Added residual control for steady-state cht solver (henry)
0002557: [Bug] Automatically collect and run unit tests (henry)
0002554: [Bug] Example of codedFunctionObject specification leads to IO error (henry)
0002545: [Bug] fvOption radiation.H, wrong description (henry)
0002540: [Bug] pre-commit hook failure for UPstream.C (henry)
0002521: [Patch] Wall boiling model refinements (henry)
0002523: [Patch] steamInjection tutorial (henry)
0002513: [Bug] Update necessary in chemistrySolver's EulerImplicit.C ? (henry)
0002478: [Bug] wrong limits in ThermoSurfaceFilm (henry)
0002512: [Bug] Mistake in Fourier Courant Number (henry)
0002458: [Bug] localInteraction is applied to processor patches when using regex (will)
0002472: [Bug] Set-up of an pure dispersed flow simulation in reactingMultiphaseEulerFoam only with a dragModel is not possible (will)
0002490: [Patch] make etc/bashrc zsh friendly (henry)
0002492: [Bug] laplacianFoam doesn't link to (henry)
0002487: [Bug] Error with sixDoFRigidBodyDisplacementPointPatchVectorField in parallel (henry)
0002085: [Bug] metisDecomp compile error (henry)
0002454: [Bug] Example dictionary for fieldCoordinateSystemTransform functionObject does not work (henry)
0002477: [Patch] Multiphase heat flux partitioning: Error on Lavieville correlation (henry)
0002475: [Bug] extraneous argument to xargs in Allrun (henry)
0002453: [Bug] Solver postProcess with scalarTransport seems not very useful (henry)
0002452: [Contribution] Weighted sum option for surfaceFieldValue and volFieldValue (henry)
0002446: [Patch] Wall boiling & IATE: FPE in restart (henry)
0002443: [Patch] ThermalPhaseChangePhaseSystem: Improved robustness (henry)
0002424: [Patch] Proposition for a clearer message when OpenFOAM environment is not loaded in the shell (henry)
0002442: [Bug] Lagrangian particles outside mesh prevent restart (henry)
0002438: [Bug] files does not pass pre-commit hook (henry)
0002427: [Bug] Description in the header file $FOAM_SRC/fvOptions/sources/general/codedSource/codedSource.H is incorrect. (henry)
0002431: [Patch] 'Cmu_' variable not used in realizableKE (henry)
0002425: [Patch] A few more typos of 'existance' (henry)
0002238: [Patch] STYLE: use of bounding box in fluentMeshToFoam is odd/misleading (henry)
0002411: [Patch] Updated scripts 'createGraphs' and 'patchifyObstacles', for clearer messages by the main 'tutorials/Allrun' script (henry)
0002398: [Bug] foamList does not exit cleanly (henry)
0002383: [Patch] GAMG solver does not run with processorAgglomerator (henry)
0002382: [Patch] compressible/rhoSimpleFoam/squareBend does not run with settings (henry)
0002374: [Bug] reactingEulerFoam: rDeltaTf not found if localEuler is not used (henry)
0002373: [Bug] waveTransmissiveFvPatchField.H documentation is ambiguous (henry)
0002330: [Patch] Be more gentle to system-wide installed Scotch and METIS (henry)
0002366: [Feature] Add the option -dict to setFields (henry)
0002358: [Bug] foamDictionary always regards '.' as separator. (henry)
0002364: [Feature] Update source code description in src/finiteVolume/finiteVolume/snGradSchemes/ (henry)
0002356: [Patch] A couple of outdated member type comments were found: realizableKE and incompressibleTwoPhaseMixture (henry)
0002354: [Bug] zoneCombustion (henry)
0002324: [Bug] writeDictionary + timeActivatedFileUpdate (henry)
0002352: [Bug] Misleading warning from postProcess (henry)
0002111: [Bug] DPMFoam hangs in parallel when using patchFlowRateInjection model. (henry)
0002339: [Bug] Not all foamCalc functionality is available from postProcess (henry)
0002286: [Bug] PatchInjectionBase: inaccurate initialization of tetFaceI and tetPtI (henry)
0002333: [Bug] Bad Option -t with zsh (henry)
0002332: [Contribution] new viscosity model (henry)
0002325: [Bug] ReynoldsStress: Non-axisymmetric results in a circular pipe (henry)
0002328: [Patch] Silent rules for wmake (henry)
0002331: [Patch] foamDictionary uses fatalError instead of fatalIOError (henry)
0002319: [Bug] misprint in a comment line in indexedOctree.H (henry)
0002314: [Bug] Confusion with molecular and turbulent Prandl number in buoyantBoussinesq tutorial (henry)
0002313: [Bug] codedFunctionObject.H description contains errors (henry)
0002312: [Patch] Gcc 4.5, 4.6 and 4.7 are still briefly referenced to in etc/{bash,csh}rc (henry)
0002303: [Patch] chtMultiRegionFoam reports incorrect diffusion number (henry)
0002301: [Bug] blockMesh -blockTopology fails on movingCone tutorial (henry)
0002292: [Bug] SpalartAllmaras in pisoFoam not restarting correctly (henry)
0002297: [Bug] 6DOF solvers do not capture the nonlinearity in the rotational DOFs correctly (henry)
0002283: [Bug] absolute third-party paths in wmkdep, possible false positive on sed (henry)
0002287: [Bug] Documentation of movingWallVelocity (henry)
0002284: [Patch] single argument plane constructors cause problems (henry)
0002280: [Bug] __STDC_LIMITS_MACROS re-defined in several places (henry)
0002276: [Contribution] more initializer_lists for containers (henry)
0002278: [Patch] triangle storage optimisation (henry)
0002226: [Bug] GAMGagglomeration does not stop when nCellsInCoarsestLevel 1 (henry)
0002267: [Patch] Update for the git hook "pre-commit" , as addressed in #2264 (henry)
0002268: [Bug] Unnecessary hidden file (henry)
0002266: [Bug] cellMotionFvPatchField does not preserve patchType (henry)
0002264: [Bug] Recent commit has a few old template definitions (henry)
0001815: [Bug] Unable to run solidBodyMotionFvMesh with more than 3 cyclicAMI patch pairs (henry)
0002237: [Bug] Problem with the combustion model FSD and LES (henry)
0002240: [Bug] codedSource derives from cellSetOption but cannot use it (henry)
0002234: [Patch] algebraicPairGAMGAgglomeration agglomerates based on upper coefficients only (henry)
0002051: [Bug] Compilation of OpenFOAM-3.0.1 fails due to errors (henry)
0002235: [Patch] polyMesh::movePoints does not clear out cellTreePtr_ (henry)
0002233: [Patch] When using a custom GCC stack with binutils included, sometimes CMake will fail to configure the PV*Readers (henry)
0002225: [Contribution] Typo in src/meshTools/coordinateSystems/coordinateRotation/{STARCD,Euler}CoordinateRotation.H (henry)
0002218: [Patch] src/Pstream/Allwclean is missing, leading to not properly clean up the respective MPI build of Pstream (henry)
0002216: [Patch] A few code revisions for the "fieldValues" and "forces" function objects (henry)
0002212: [Patch] Remove dependency from "SCOTCH_ROOT" and repair "decompose/Allwclean" (henry)
0002182: [Bug] fvDom: wrong results when cacheDiv = false (henry)
0002090: [Bug] Recent commit makes it not easy to use "secondary time" write options (henry)
0002195: [Contribution] libs() entry does not take environment variables (henry)
0001836: [Bug] --> FOAM FATAL ERROR: Particle lost across cyclicAMI & --> FOAM FATAL ERROR: cell, tetFace and tetPt search failure at position (henry)
0002189: [Bug] Function nIterations() of the SolverPerformance Template class is not working for Vectors (henry)
0002181: [Bug] nullptr collateral damage (henry)
0002178: [Patch] segfault is possible in FixedList constructor (based on code inspection) (henry)
0002153: [Bug] Activating Brownian force in all lagrangian solvers cause particles to highly speedup (henry)
0002159: [Patch] decomposing with constraints is extremely slow on big case (henry)
0001936: [Bug] SnappyHexMesh unable to split AMI patches (henry)
0002148: [Bug] postprocess option does not execute functionObject::end (henry)
0002152: [Patch] "uint.H" has an inconsistent definition, when cross-checking with "uintIO.C" (henry)
0002146: [Patch] Recent transfer of logicistics from AllwmakeParseArguments to wmake, results in 2 pass build (henry)
0002144: [Patch] Missing parenthesis on the recent non-bash depToSource implementation (henry)
0002140: [Bug] OpenFOAM-dev (4.x) does not compile (henry)
0002143: [Patch] fvc::cellReduce initialises to zero (henry)
0002142: [Bug] laplacianFoam does not support fvOptions (henry)
0002139: [Bug] global.Cver always compiled if sources not under git (henry)
0002137: [Bug] inconsistencies in unsigned primitives (henry)
0002129: [Bug] potentialFoam does not copy settings of complex bcs, only the type (henry)
0002131: [Bug] Allwmake lost sight of the header file. (henry)
0002128: [Bug] uLabel FULLDEBUG check irrelevevant (henry)
0002125: [Bug] wclean all does not use Allwclean in subdirectories (henry)
0002121: [Bug] wmake libso error! (henry)
0002120: [Patch] src/Allwmake does not rebuild .build string (henry)
0002117: [Bug] Typo in "volFlowRateSurface.cfg" due to auto-rename and other related issues (henry)
0001822: [Bug] erased refinement history files for reconstructParMesh with dynamicFvMesh (henry)
0002116: [Bug] wmake error (henry)
0002112: [Patch] Minor proposal relative to updates made to bashrc/cshrc and aliases on the 6 and 7th of June 2016 (henry)
0002115: [Bug] UOPstream::write of C-string indexes out of bounds (henry)
0002110: [Bug] tutorial MPPICFoam/injectionChannel: wrong sign of velocity in patch "upperInlet" (henry)
0002105: [Contribution] origId of parcels not unique when breakup model is used (henry)
0002082: [Bug] AMI + dynamic mesh + 6 DoF (henry)
0002106: [Patch] missing printing of key (henry)
0002103: [Contribution] createBaffles leaves zero-sized patches (henry)
0002102: [Patch] SafeFatalIOError prints wrong file and line number (henry)
0002100: [Patch] localMin, localMax not parallel consistent (henry)
0002101: [Contribution] variant of DebugVar (henry)
0002096: [Bug] number of step not calculated properly in simpleControl class constructor (henry)
0002089: [Patch] A few textual updates for scripts related to issue #1232 and writeRegisteredObject example file (henry)
0002088: [Patch] checkMesh reports ACMI cases as having open cells (henry)
0002031: [Bug] etc/bashrc + foamCleanPath + Deb installation = removal of other applications from PATH in /opt/ (henry)
0001301: [Bug] execFlowFunctionObjects doesn't work with multiphase flow (henry)
0002077: [Bug] Scripts in the tutorials folder: "\cp" + "\rm" vs "cp" + "rm" + override check (henry)
0002083: [Bug] caseDicts/setConstraintTypes does not provide value for ACMI (henry)
0002084: [Bug] useReactionRate is removed. (henry)
0002032: [Bug] The strategy string for scotch decomposition is throwing errors while decomposition of Mesh (henry)
0001232: [Bug] WM_CC (henry)
0002080: [Patch] cyclic baffles not handled in coupled edge synchronisation (henry)
0002073: [Bug] density problem in reactingTwoPhaseEulerFoam (henry)
0002079: [Patch] Duplicate inclusions of "createTimeControls.H" in various solvers (henry)
0002078: [Patch] A few more description fixes for "src/TurbulenceModels/compressible/turbulentFluidThermoModels/derivedFvPatchFields" (henry)
0002076: [Patch] Should we use ".org" or ".orig" as the conventional suffix for original tutorial case files? (henry)
0002075: [Bug] singlePhaseTransportModel is not run-time selectable (henry)
0002074: [Bug] Compilation failed when WM_LABEL_SIZE=64 is set (henry)
0002069: [Bug] Compilation stops at histogram function object (henry)
0001938: [Bug] upToDate checking not synchronised in parallell (henry)
0002036: [Bug] BrownianMotionForce of particles in lamiar flow, incorrect correlation (henry)
0002065: [Bug] noScatter.H has the same include guard as constantScatter.H (henry)
0002062: [Bug] interDyMFoam/ras/damBreakWithObstacle does not set mapping for alphaPhi (henry)
0002060: [Bug] dictionary::topDict() returns parent of topDict (henry)
0002061: [Bug] Non-critical typos LES motorBike tutorial (henry)
0001330: [Bug] Scalability issue: Exchange of message sizes (henry)
0002030: [Bug] DebugSwitch objectRegistry leads to segfault at destruction of Time object when the application terminates (henry)
0000905: [Bug] Iso surface algorithm results with an inconsistent normal orientation (henry)
0002021: wmake utilities are build with -pg flag if WM_COMPILE_OPTION=Prof (henry)
0002022: Strange initialization of specularityCoefficient_ and restitutionCoefficient_ in JohnsonJacksonParticle*FvPatchScalarField.C (henry)
0002002: [Bug] Question regarding SuSp usage in kineticTheory.C (henry)
0000741: [Bug] propeller tutorial dose not converge by scotch method (henry)
0001846: [Bug] OpenFOAM fails to build on ppc64le (henry)
0001020: [Bug] Not all debug switches work for case control (henry)
0002686: [Bug] #ifndef *_H names don't necessarily correspond to *.H filename (henry)
0002589: [Bug] The use of the IshiiZuber dragModel in the bubbleColumn tutorial for reactingMultiphaseEulerFoam results in a sigFpe (henry)
0002509: [Patch] WallShearStress Dict - Wrong Units (henry)
0002433: [Bug] correctInflowFlux not used in reactingTwoPhaseEulerFoam (henry)
0002353: [Bug] yplus functionobject does not show the value on screen (henry)
0002199: [Bug] Float Point Exception in DPMFoam when injection of parcel with high "nParticle" starts (henry)
0001023: [Bug] Possible error in kOmegaSSTSAS (henry)
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Released 2018-07-10
0003089: [Patch] Open-MPI version mentioned in the wasn't updated (henry)
0003045: [Patch] README files have a few out-of-date links (henry)
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Released 2017-07-26
0002668: [Contribution] makeParaView: Added arguments for backend rendering and Python include path (henry)
0002755: [Bug] Problem while compiling Paraview 5.4.0 through installing OF 5.x using source code (chris)
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Released 2016-05-25
0003126: [Patch] CGAL 4.12 and more support (henry)
0003081: [Bug] typo in turbulentTransportModel.H (henry)
0003065: [Patch] ThirdParty Allwmake script seems to be incomplete for optional CGAL build (henry)
0002943: [Patch] Recent change in makeGcc to use "--enable-multilib" by default, breaks the "-no-multilib" option (henry)
0002289: [Bug] Wrong CMAKE option for ParaView OpenGL2 backend in etc/tools/ParaViewFunctions (henry)
0002114: [Patch] Recent compatibility upgrade to GCC 6.1 in bashrc/cshrc affected building CGAL (henry)
0002113: [Patch] makeGcc: added "-no-multilib" option to the script (henry)
0002098: [Patch] ParaView fails to build with gcc-6 (henry)
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