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0003982OpenFOAMBugpublic2023-05-23 16:42
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Summary0003982: egrMixture does not correctly consider egr fraction for low fuel mass fractions
DescriptionegrMixture assumes that parts of the "unburnt" (i.e. b=1) contain already burnt products. Thus, in, just returning the oxidant if the fuel mass fraction is very low is not correct. Instead, the correct fractions of oxidant and products should be returned

- return oxidant_;
+ mixture_ = (1.0 - egr)*oxidant_;
+ mixture_ += egr*products_;

I attached a diff which would make egrMixture more corret.
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2023-05-23 16:42

manager   ~0013026

Resolved by commit 6230721333ab7607aa23fdbfb840822cc44360ad

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