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0004071OpenFOAMBugpublic2024-04-23 08:41
Reporternguyenhung97 Assigned Towill  
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Summary0004071: number of injected parcels is wrong in patchInjection
DescriptionIn the tutorial TJunction ($FOAM_TUTORIALS/incompressibleFluid/TJunction), when I changed the duration to 1s and SOI to 0.5, I expected the number of parcels injected is 1000 (since parcelsPerSecond is set to 1000) but the actual result is 500.

However, it works normally when the SOI is set to 0 so I think the codes is not dealing with time relative to SOI.
Steps To ReproduceIn the tutorial TJunction ($FOAM_TUTORIALS/incompressibleFluid/TJunction),
1. Changed the duration to 1s and SOI to 0.5.
2. Run
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2024-04-12 09:41

reporter   ~0013227

And also it does not inject anything if I set deltaT to small value (1e-5)


2024-04-12 21:51

manager   ~0013228

I can't reproduce the SOI issue. What commit of dev do you have? The output should have something that looks like "Build : dev-e7ca51c06555" in it. Or just upload a log.

The small time-step issue I can see. PatchInjection has a strange randomised implementation of nParcelsToInject which, as you rightly point out, seems to generate zeros if the time interval is too small. Other injectors (e.g., cone injection) do not seem to have this problem, so the problem can probably be fixed by copying the code across. I'll try next week. I need to figure out whether the patch injection's nParcelsToInject process has any merit or whether I can just replace it with the cone injector's version.


2024-04-14 13:58

reporter   ~0013229

I tested with the latest dev version and it worked fine with SOI issue.

FYI, I tested with OpenFOAM v10 and it worked for small time-step.


2024-04-23 08:41

manager   ~0013233

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