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0002443OpenFOAMPatchpublic2017-01-30 16:46
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Summary0002443: ThermalPhaseChangePhaseSystem: Improved robustness
DescriptionI've attached a modified ThermalPhaseChangePhaseSystem.C that based on initial testing significantly improves robustness of reactingTwoPhaseEulerFoam in thermal phase change simulations by elimination of possible interfacial temperature (Tf) calculation related inconsistencies:

1. Interfacial phase change mass flux relaxation is applied after the Tf calculation. This eliminates non-physical interfacial temperatures when iDmdt changes rapidly despite the applied relaxation.

2. Consistent upwinding of the latent heat between the iDmdt and Tf calculations. If the sign of the iDmdt changed in the previous implementation it could lead to an inconsistency between the iDmdt and Tf calculation and cause instability.
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2017-01-30 16:46

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Thanks Juho

Resolved by commit 0d260489a1f1c49b014e0eec3b18ad858c4ab349

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