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0003054OpenFOAMFeaturepublic2018-08-27 20:51
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Summary0003054: Density not saved by reactingFoam
DescriptionSolvers from the reactingFoam family do not output the density field.
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2018-08-25 17:55

updater   ~0009996

Any specific reason why it should be written to disk?

I ask this because 'rho' isn't a field necessary for resuming a simulation with those solvers, therefore it's not strictly necessary to write it to disk.
However, you can still write any on-memory fields to disk with the function object writeObjects:


2018-08-27 10:02

reporter   ~0009997

Saving density would make it consistent with lagrangian solvers like reactingParcelFoam.
Also it would make possible calculating integral values like total mass of a specie.


2018-08-27 17:55

updater   ~0009999

@Henry: 'rho' is not read, it's only written in 'reactingParcelFoam'. Therefore it does make sense to either make 'reactingParcelFoam' not write the 'rho' field by default or to make all other 'reacting*Foam' solvers to write the 'rho' field?


2018-08-27 20:51

manager   ~0010000

There is no need for the reactingFoam solvers to write the density field as it is not needed for restart.
Users who would like to have this or other fields written can use the writeObjects functionObject.

Resolved by commit 98ec0df86656bda74f3a3d6a714ed13882a5ae3c

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