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0000883OpenFOAM[All Projects] Bugpublic2015-01-03 15:43
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Platformx86OSRed Hat Enterprise Linux 5.9 x86OS Version5.9
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Summary0000883: Loosing mass when using cyclicAMI together with interDyMFoam
DescriptionI have combined the mixerVesselAMI2D and sloshingTank2D tutorials so that the outer region is rotating and the inner region is standing still. Gravity is in negative y-dir. Inital state is that the domain is filled with alpha1=1 up to y=0.04.

After 4 seconds (simulation time) about 30% of alpha1 has been lost. See attached case (can be runned using the Allrun script).
Steps To ReproduceRun attached case with Allrun script and monitor the evolution of "phase1 volume fraction" in the output.



2013-06-10 15:13


mixerVesselAMIInterDyM.tar.gz (7,302 bytes)


2013-06-11 15:48


Screenshot-Gnuplot.png (9,393 bytes)
Screenshot-Gnuplot.png (9,393 bytes)

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