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0002725OpenFOAMPatchpublic2017-10-17 12:19
Reporterbjoern.pfeiffelmann Assigned Tohenry  
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PlatformGNU/LinuxOSOpenSuSEOS VersionLeap 42.3
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Summary0002725: Remove unnecessary interpolation in wallHeatFlux
DescriptionSince the boundary field values are not affected by the interpolation it is not necessary to interpolate thermo::alpha in the wallHeatFlux functionObject. This will avoid the need to specify the interpolationScheme in fvSchemes.
Steps To ReproduceI have tested it with buoyantCavity tutorial case and it produces the same result.
TagsHeat transfer



2017-10-17 11:38

manager   ~0008886

The current form is to ensure that the wall heat flux calculation is consistent with the thermal transport term in the energy equation but it is not convenient given that the specification of the interpolation and snGrad need to be specified by the user in a consistent manner also.

If we avoid the specification and evaluation of the interpolation we should probably also avoid the specifiation and evaluation of the snGrad field. I will look into this.


2017-10-17 12:19

manager   ~0008887

Resolved by commit 6584fa6ce07f892b99b1fe84e197ae4980214c53

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