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0002870OpenFOAMPatchpublic2018-03-07 21:37
Assigned Tohenry 
Platformx86_64OSArchOS Version(please specify)
Product Version5.x 
Target VersionFixed in Versiondev 
Summary0002870: MVAPICH2 support
DescriptionI am using OpenFOAM with MVAPICH2. so each time new OF version is released, I have to modify bashrc, config.sh/mpi and wmake/rules directory. So, it would be nice if MVAPICH2 support is added int OF build script.

first add MVAPICH2 case in config.sh/mpi such that
    export FOAM_MPI=mvapich2
    libDir=`mpicc -show -cc= | sed -e 's/.*-L\([^ ]*\).*/\1/'`
    export MPI_ARCH_PATH="${libDir%/*}"
    _foamAddLib $libDir
    unset libDir

and then add mplibMVAPICH2 in wmake/rules/linux64(Icc|Gcc) which contains follwing:

  PINC = -isystem $(MPI_ARCH_PATH)/include
  PLIBS = -L$(MPI_ARCH_PATH)/lib -lmpi

all those changes are attached in the patch.tar.gz

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henry (manager)

> add mplibMVAPICH2 in wmake/rules/linux64(Icc|Gcc)

Why? Why not put it in wmake/rules/General? Have you created different versions for the different compilers? Is clang not supported?


handrake0724 (reporter)

I didn't notice mplib* files are in wmake/rules/General because I directly examined linux64Icc and found mplibINTELMPI and mplibHPMPI.
Now that I know wmake/rules/General, it is better to put the file in the directory.

at the moment, I am not sure MVAPICH2 is supported in clang.


henry (manager)

Resolved by commit c41efee5947762c40516f46ff2d2c1ee4f79d09

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