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0002707OpenFOAMBugpublic2017-09-27 11:33
ReporterShorty Assigned Tohenry  
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PlatformGNU/LinuxOSUbuntuOS Version16.04
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Summary0002707: Compiling problems after 85fbc13 (sixDoFRigidBodyState)
DescriptionHi all,

the new implemented functionObject (sixDoFRigidBodyState) cannot be compiled based on the missing lnInclude folder of the corresponding sixDoFRigidBodySolver, which is compiled after the functionObjects. Two options:

a) compile the functions after the sixDoFRigidState is compiled
b) change the Make/options file of the functionObject namely sixDoFRigidBodyState

Just wanted to let you know.
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2017-09-27 10:28

updater   ~0008799

Quick question: Did you use "Allwmake" or "Allwmake -update"?


2017-09-27 10:50

reporter   ~0008800

I used Allwmake doing that, therefore we just go to the src/Allwmake and there we find:

functionObjects/Allwmake $targetType $*

wmake $targetType sixDoFRigidBodyMotion

Hence, we compile the functionObjects before the lnInclude folder of the sixDoFRigidBodyMotion is build. At least it was the problem during my compilation (twice).

First time: Git pull -force to the new commit & Allwmake -> stopped with the error that the sixDoFRigidBodyMotionSolver.H is missing

Second: wclean all & Allwmake -> same error. After checking it, I compiled the solver manually and restart Allwmake (successfully compiled).


2017-09-27 11:33

manager   ~0008801

Resolved by commit 422556fd3fc56e8be73dea2fdd95e40de90a9b61

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