Released 2018-07-10
0003159: [Bug] ParaFoam/paraview QStandardPaths: XDG_RUNTIME_DIR not set (chris)
0003089: [Patch] Open-MPI version mentioned in the wasn't updated (henry)
0003045: [Patch] README files have a few out-of-date links (henry)
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Released 2017-07-26
0002668: [Contribution] makeParaView: Added arguments for backend rendering and Python include path (henry)
0002755: [Bug] Problem while compiling Paraview 5.4.0 through installing OF 5.x using source code (chris)
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Released 2016-05-25
0003137: [Patch] Recent change introduced for building Boost for CGAL 4.12, broke makeCGAL with Boost 1.55 (henry)
0003126: [Patch] CGAL 4.12 and more support (henry)
0003081: [Bug] typo in turbulentTransportModel.H (henry)
0003065: [Patch] ThirdParty Allwmake script seems to be incomplete for optional CGAL build (henry)
0002943: [Patch] Recent change in makeGcc to use "--enable-multilib" by default, breaks the "-no-multilib" option (henry)
0002289: [Bug] Wrong CMAKE option for ParaView OpenGL2 backend in etc/tools/ParaViewFunctions (henry)
0002114: [Patch] Recent compatibility upgrade to GCC 6.1 in bashrc/cshrc affected building CGAL (henry)
0002113: [Patch] makeGcc: added "-no-multilib" option to the script (henry)
0002098: [Patch] ParaView fails to build with gcc-6 (henry)
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