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0002807OpenFOAMFeaturepublic2018-01-11 12:22
Reporterxiaofeng_liu Assigned Tohenry  
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PlatformGNU/LinuxOSUbuntuOS Version14.10
Fixed in Versiondev 
Summary0002807: sample with region name does not work
DescriptionThe current implementation of sample (and other postProcess function objects) seems not to honor the specification of "-region".
Steps To ReproduceRun sample postprocessing on cases with multiple regions, such as the case "multiRegionHeater" within "chtMultiRegionFoam" directory. Try to sample on a specific region. It does not work.
Additional InformationTo correct this, simply change the file "src/OpenFOAM/db/functionObjects/functionObjectList/functionObjectList.C" to make it "region" aware:

Foam::fileName Foam::functionObjectList::findDict(const word& funcName, const word& region)
    // First check if there is a functionObject dictionary file in the
    // case system directory
    fileName dictFile

    if (region == word::null) //no region specified, use default
       dictFile = stringOps::expand("$FOAM_CASE")/"system"/funcName;
       dictFile = stringOps::expand("$FOAM_CASE")/"system"/region/funcName;

The definition of the "findDict(...)" function in .H file should also be changed. In addition, the calling of this function should be modified to add the region name reference.

Recomple the lib and now we can sample on multi-region case with:
$ postProcess -func sample -region bottomWater
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2018-01-11 12:22

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Resolved by commit a5a034a1d2129ea3fd40912907b5908e9ba79b5b

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