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Summary0003085: Enthalpy coefficient a_ wrong for C3H6O.C
DescriptionHi all,

just came across a thread on CFD-Online about an issue of the C3H6O enthalpy calculation specified here

I sum up. The calculation of the enthalpy based on the NSRDSfunc0 (, lead to a value that is in the range of Xe6. However, other species such as C4H10O have a range of X e-6 (power sign);
Comparing both (and others) lead to the assumption, that the coefficient a_ has a wrong sign.

However, I have no access to the database used here, and thus, I cannot prove my statement.

Additional InformationThread on cfd-online
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2018-10-12 12:30

manager   ~0010098

I don't have access to the NSRDS database either. If someone can provide the correct coefficients I would be happy to correct the code otherwise the best I could do would be to remove this specie.


2018-10-16 13:32

reporter   ~0010109

I was in contact with TU Munich and I will get an access to the main library. They have the book there so I will check it after I am close to Munich.

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