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0003485OpenFOAMBugpublic2020-04-16 16:51
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Summary0003485: Error in the description of the blended scheme for the omega wall function
DescriptionIn the documentation for the omega wall function (, under "Detailed Description", the text states that with the blended scheme, the omega value is calculated from the sqrt of the sum of the squares of the viscous and turbulent (log law) values. Looking at the code in, on line 236 you can see:

omega0[celli] += w*(lamFrac*omegaVis + turbFrac*omegaLog);

in other words, it is a simple linear blend, not a root-square blend.
Steps To ReproduceReview the documentation.
Additional InformationI suspect that this is legacy text, since i know that these wall functions have been revisited a few times over the last decade.
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2020-04-16 16:51

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Resolved in OpenFOAM-dev by commit 46f5de875da3acc9c1bc8a81ef05978581ea1d6b

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