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0002523OpenFOAMPatchpublic2017-04-11 21:00
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Summary0002523: steamInjection tutorial
DescriptionI noticed that the steamInjection tutorial crashes at the start of the injection.

With sensibleInternalEnergy it can be stabilized by reducing time step to 1e-6 and filtering the pressure work with limit of 0.001.

With sensibleEnthalpy it is stable with time step of 1e-5 and no pressure work filtering is required. If rhoConst is used for the liquid instead of perfectFluid, time step has to be further reduced to 1e-7.

I've attached a modified version of the tutorial and hRefConstThermos.C that enables the combination of sensibleEnthalpy and perfectFluid.

Main changes in the tutorial:
- General cleanup of the phaseProperties of unnecessary entries
- sensibleEnthalpy is used for both phases
- setTimeStep functionObject is used to set a sharp reduction in time step near the start of the injection
- Monitoring of pressure minimum and maximum
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2017-04-07 08:58


steamInjection.tar.gz (4,929 bytes)


2017-04-11 21:00

manager   ~0008026

Thanks for the update to this tutorial.

Resolved by commit 0fa88b8de49964d9d17994fa8153df6733ddba71

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