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0004045OpenFOAMBugpublic2024-01-09 10:10
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Summary0004045: Uninitialised finalIter_ in solutionControl.C
DescriptionFollowing this commit

it seems that cases with Poisson walldist or hydrostaticInitialisation (and transient ddt) no longer work unless Final-solver setting is specified. The following tutorials don't work due to lacking yPsiFinal or ph_rghFinal solver settings:


It seems that the finalIter_-member is not initialised in the constructor of solutionControl.C so it might have a random non-zero value defaulting to true and hence requiring "Final". This affects any equation that is solved before the main loop starts. The pimple-loop will reset the finalIter_ and work correctly afterwards.

The issue can be fixed by simply adding finalIter_(false) to the initializer list of solutionControl.C to restore the earlier behaviour.

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2024-01-09 10:10

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Resolved by commit 53ddbda670cdbeeae3607615d12922d961ef495d

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