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0002021OpenFOAMpublic2016-03-08 14:26
Reporteralexeym Assigned Tohenry  
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Fixed in Versiondev 
Summary0002021: wmake utilities are build with -pg flag if WM_COMPILE_OPTION=Prof
DescriptionAnd it leads to:
1. Pollution of source tree with gmon.out
2. Slower wmkdep and dirToString (it is just a guess, since setting WM_COMPILE_OPTION to Prof reduces -O3 to -O2).
Steps To Reproduce1. Checkout sources
2. Source etc/bashrc
4. Run ./Allwmake
Additional InformationLocally I resolved this with addition of:

ifeq ("$(WM_COMPILE_OPTION)","Prof")
cFLAGS := $(filter-out -pg,$(cFLAGS))
cFLAGS := $(filter-out -O2,$(cFLAGS))
cFLAGS += -O3

to wmake/src/Makefile.
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2016-03-08 13:53

manager   ~0006012

The problem with your proposal is it assumes that setting


introduces -pg and -O2 for ALL compilers which may not be the case; in particular profiling may be done in different ways requiring different options.
We need a better more general solution.


2016-03-08 14:26

manager   ~0006019

Resolved in OpenFOAM-dev by commit 6cc3b057ec01a7cabb60558da779f495b1fbfa33

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