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0003218OpenFOAMFeaturepublic2019-04-11 11:40
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Summary0003218: Use C++11 move semantics for containers
DescriptionCurrently, the code relies heavily on Xfer class template. It would be nice to use C++11 move semantics instead.
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2019-04-09 10:03

manager   ~0010426

Sure, but OpenFOAM is 1.6million lines which I started writing in 1989 and predates STL by many years and the move semantics by decades.
Consistency is everything in maintainability so in order to replace Xfer and possibly even tmp with the C++11 move semantics OpenFOAM would require a massive rewrite. While this would be excellent and the code would certainly be improved by the change I have no idea how such huge maintenance task could be funded, we just don't receive anything like the funding necessary:


2019-04-11 11:40

manager   ~0010429

Requires maintenance funding.

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