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0002686OpenFOAMBugpublic2017-09-09 17:28
Reporterroth Assigned Tohenry  
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PlatformGNU/LinuxOSUbuntuOS Version16.04
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Fixed in Versiondev 
Summary0002686: #ifndef *_H names don't necessarily correspond to *.H filename
DescriptionDefine'd header name, e.g. compressibleMutRoughWallFunctionFvPatchScalarField_H, is:

1) Not located in the proper header file. This is perhaps a bad example as I couldn't find an associated compressibleMutRoughWallFunction.H

2) Is actually found in multiple unassociated header files e.g. alphatFilmWallFunctionFvPatchScalarField.H and convectiveHeatTransferFvPatchScalarField.H

Both of these issues may have unintended consequences at some point down the line.

I've come across this multiple times and meant to raise the issue but forgot...
Steps To Reproduce> grep -r compressibleMutRoughWallFunctionFvPatchScalarField_H *

regionModels/surfaceFilmModels/derivedFvPatchFields/wallFunctions/alphatFilmWallFunction/alphatFilmWallFunctionFvPatchScalarField.H:#ifndef compressibleMutRoughWallFunctionFvPatchScalarField_H
regionModels/surfaceFilmModels/derivedFvPatchFields/wallFunctions/alphatFilmWallFunction/alphatFilmWallFunctionFvPatchScalarField.H:#define compressibleMutRoughWallFunctionFvPatchScalarField_H
TurbulenceModels/compressible/turbulentFluidThermoModels/derivedFvPatchFields/convectiveHeatTransfer/convectiveHeatTransferFvPatchScalarField.H:#ifndef compressibleMutRoughWallFunctionFvPatchScalarField_H
TurbulenceModels/compressible/turbulentFluidThermoModels/derivedFvPatchFields/convectiveHeatTransfer/convectiveHeatTransferFvPatchScalarField.H:#define compressibleMutRoughWallFunctionFvPatchScalarField_H

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related to 0002692 resolvedhenry Scripting for avoiding mismatches between header files and their macro bounds 



2017-09-04 16:54

manager   ~0008681

Resolved by commit 7fc91b4efd33a0262033bcfcc405ecdf3c7c7570


2017-09-04 17:00

reporter   ~0008684

Note that I only gave one example. There are others that I've come across. e.g. externalWallHeatFluxTemperature. I suspect that there are others.


2017-09-04 17:06

manager   ~0008686

If you could provide a list that would help or shall I deal with "externalWallHeatFluxTemperature" and close the report?


2017-09-04 17:24

reporter   ~0008687

If I had time I'd write a script to search these out but alas no. Just thought I'd re-open and put it on record that you'll likely see more of these pop up. If you just want to fix externalWallHeatFluxTemperature, go ahead. I won't re-open.


2017-09-04 17:39

manager   ~0008688

I have fixed externalWallHeatFluxTemperature and would be happy to fix any others if you or someone else would like to write a script to find them.
Please reopen if/when you find any others.

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