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0002573OpenFOAMContributionpublic2017-06-07 22:08
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Summary0002573: More general Function1 based model to replace "polynomial" saturationModel in reactingEulerFoam
DescriptionA Function1 based saturationModel that allows flexible specification of the saturation curve, e.g. constant, polynomial, table values. Intended to replace the current "polynomial" model.
Additional Information    Examples:

        type function1Tsat;
        TsatFunction polynomial
            (308.0422 0)
            (0.0015096 1)
            (-1.61589e-8 2)
            (1.114106e-13 3)
            (-4.52216e-19 4)
            (1.05192e-24 5)
            (-1.2953e-30 6)
            (6.5365e-37 7)

        type function1Tsat;

        TsatFunction csvFile;
            nHeaderLine 1;
            refColumn 0;
            componentColumns (1);
            separator ",";
            mergeSeparators no;
            file "filename.csv";
            outOfBounds clamp;
            interpolationScheme linear;
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Juho (reporter)

Added an example of a saturation curve as a csv-file for possible testing purposes.

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