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0003854OpenFOAMBugpublic2022-07-01 15:56
ReporterStasF1Assigned Tohenry  
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Product Versiondev 
Fixed in Versiondev 
Summary0003854: moveMesh does not work with new dynamicMeshDict structure
DescriptionmoveMesh utility does not work with updated dynamicMeshDict structure.
Steps To ReproduceIn $FOAM_TUTORIALS/incompressible/pimpleFoam/laminar/movingCone/controlDict set application value to moveMesh ant try run the case using Allrun.
Additional Information--> FOAM FATAL IO ERROR:
keyword motionSolver is undefined in dictionary "/m/work/t212/unix/work/stashes1/OpenFOAM/projects/cleanPropulsionInjection/run/ECNSprayD/RAS/moveMesh/movingCone/constant/dynamicMeshDict"

file: /m/work/t212/unix/work/stashes1/OpenFOAM/projects/cleanPropulsionInjection/run/ECNSprayD/RAS/moveMesh/movingCone/constant/dynamicMeshDict from line 19 to line 38.

    From function T Foam::dictionary::lookup(const Foam::word&, bool, bool) const [with T = Foam::word]
    in file /m/home/home4/42/stashes1/unix/.local/opt/OpenFOAM-dev/src/OpenFOAM/lnInclude/dictionaryTemplates.C at line 43.

FOAM exiting
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2022-07-01 13:57

manager   ~0012654

Try moveDynamicMesh, it should handle all mesh motion and changes.

My plan is to remove the old moveMesh and rename moveDynamicMesh -> moveMesh is would be more obvious to the users.


2022-07-01 15:56

manager   ~0012655

Resolved by commit 31da3ac2c677da0567c79aee40545b676c206021

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