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0002079OpenFOAMPatchpublic2016-05-01 11:10
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Summary0002079: Duplicate inclusions of "createTimeControls.H" in various solvers
DescriptionI didn't bother investigating this in the historic records, but while looking into a solution for issue #1301, I stumbled upon a few solvers that are including "createTimeControls.H" twice: once outside of the time loop and once inside the time loop.

After checking other solvers, the correct file inclusion should be "readTimeControls.H" within the time loop.

Therefore, using the following commands, I found out which were the solvers that were including the "createTimeControls.H" twice:

  find . -name "*.C" -type f | while read line; do cbount=$(grep "createTimeControls" $line | wc -l); [ $cbount -gt 1 ] && echo $line; done

Attached is the package "use_readTimeControls.tar.gz" that has the updated files with the correct file inclusion.
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2016-05-01 11:10

manager   ~0006219

Thanks for cleaning this up Bruno.

Resolved by commit bc2fd6c347864389b3c72711cfb1f0bffcb0318f

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