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0003066OpenFOAMBugpublic2018-09-04 14:48
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Summary0003066: LES Prandtl delta documentation example incorrect
DescriptionThe example provided for the dictionary for the Foam::LESModels::PrandtlDelta LES delta model is inconsistent with that actually read in by the code.
Specifically, the kappa entry (Von Karman constant) is read directly from the LES dictionary, rather than the PrandtlCoeffs subdictionary.

It should probably read:

    delta Prandtl;
    kappa 0.41;

        delta cubeRootVol;
            deltaCoeff 1;
        // Default coefficient
        Cdelta 0.158;
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2018-09-04 14:48

manager   ~0010037

Resolved by commit c75f7b6e19d476318c7a856ff5de4d8f4f4306c5

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