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0002031OpenFOAMBugpublic2016-05-09 12:58
Reporterwyldckat Assigned Tohenry  
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Summary0002031: etc/bashrc + foamCleanPath + Deb installation = removal of other applications from PATH in /opt/
DescriptionI had tripped over something similar this week, namely where I has installed other stuff on "~/OpenFOAM", but I'm essentially reflecting the following report on the forum: - it was written on the 23rd of February, 2016.

The main issue occurs when installing the Deb packages on Ubuntu, where the "etc/bashrc" script will remove all suspicious paths that are indexed to the path stored in the shell variable "FOAM_INST_DIR".
Steps To Reproduce1. Install OpenFOAM Deb packages on Ubuntu.

2. If we have other software installed in "/opt" which is added to the shell environment variables PATH, LD_LIBRARY_PATH and MANPATH - e.g. a binary installation of a LaTeX suite - and then we source OpenFOAM's "/opt/openfoam*/etc/bashrc", the result is that the environment variables are purged accordingly.
Additional InformationI haven't sorted out yet a proposition for fixing this, but it felt it was best to report it and to keep it on record. I'm looking into the code in a few minutes and will give some feedback on possible solutions.
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2016-03-20 20:37

updater   ~0006049

As far as I can figure out, there are a few possible solutions I can think of:

 1- To make the Deb packages install at "/opt/OpenFOAM". Or something like "/opt/OpenFOAM.deb", just to make it easier to tell apart from the people who manually install at "/opt/OpenFOAM".

 2- To have in "" a less aggressive option for environment clean up.

 3- Or to have a selective option in "", i.e. to remove only the explicit paths that are defined in other OpenFOAM shell environment variables ("WM_*" and "FOAM_*"). Then call this script from "etc/bashrc" at least when in Deb mode.


2016-05-05 15:41

manager   ~0006238

I believe this is resolved in OpenFOAM-dev by commit f7e4137ee5539e01c6aee192985230fb76e2b115

    etc/bashrc, etc/cshrc: Filter $WM_PROJECT_DIR from paths rather than $FOAM_INST_DIR

    Additionally filter $ParaView_DIR from paths in and config.csh/paraview
Please let me know if there are any issues with this change.


2016-05-05 23:13


etc_more_fixes.tar.gz (4,334 bytes)


2016-05-05 23:18

updater   ~0006239

I've attached the package "etc_more_fixes.tar.gz" that has a few more updates that were missing, namely:

  - When "$WM_PROJECT_SITE" does not point to an existing folder, it's unset by default. Therefore, we must also clean up "$FOAM_SITE_APPBIN" and "$FOAM_SITE_LIBBIN".

    - I thought about doing this the other way around, namely to always set "$WM_PROJECT_SITE", but this way it always cleans up what was left by previous versions.

  - The "unset" scripts needed the changes made in the previous commit and the current attached package.

    - And it also needed to clean up "$ParaView_DIR" and to unset some of the more recent variables, such as "$WM_COMPILER_TYPE".

In the package are the following files:


I didn't test the "cshrc" script stack, therefore the attached changes could have a tiny/big flaw somewhere :(


2016-05-05 23:28

manager   ~0006240

Thanks for sorting-out "unset", I didn't look to see if corresponding changes needed to be made. The bash setup looks fine but csh is less forgiving about undefined variable and is currently not working. I will look into it tomorrow.


2016-05-05 23:40

manager   ~0006241

I have applied the changes and fixed the problem with csh so it should work OK now.


2016-05-09 12:58

manager   ~0006251

I believe this issues is now resolved, please reopen if further problems arise.

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