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Summary0000688: Add mass weighted average to the sample functionObject

The sample functionObject is a really nice tool.

A nice addition would be to have mass-weighted average.

Formula in picture


related to 0001270 closedhenry faceSource can't combine weighting by field and area 
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2012-11-28 02:56


mFlowAverage.png (1,547 bytes)   
mFlowAverage.png (1,547 bytes)   


2012-12-04 09:52


This feature is already available in the faceSource function object - the object makes use of an optional 'weight field', which you can set to 'phi' for your case. Take a look at the verticalChannel test case for example usage:



2012-12-05 07:29

reporter   ~0001813


Thx for the reply.

weightedAverage is what I was looking for.
The limitation is although that phi only exists on patches.

I have a sampledSurface that cuts through the domain.
I can get the massFlow (phi) by doing areaNormalIntegrate, but I cant combine both areaNormalIntegrate and weightedAverage.

This is very specific and can be rectified by using some AMI's in the mesh to get phi on a face, but it could be avoided if it was possible to combine the two.

Just an idea for extended usage of the sample tool.

Provided is a link to a small test case.


2015-10-22 10:37

manager   ~0005473

Feature request requiring funding or code contribution.

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