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0003626OpenFOAMBugpublic2021-02-12 09:46
Reporterdscian Assigned Towill  
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Summary0003626: Search for alphac as volVectorField in DenseDragForce
Descriptionin cacheFields() function of DenseDragForce, there is a search for alphac as volVectorField, causing it to never be found. (Line 90, DenseDragForce.C)
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2021-02-12 08:36

manager   ~0011873

Last edited: 2021-02-12 08:36

Tutorials with dense drag models are operating correctly, as far as I can see.

Please provide some way of reproducing the problem. See : "An issue report therefore must include the following: ... A clear set of instructions that reproduces the issue, including key files, if required.".


2021-02-12 09:34

reporter   ~0011874

Apologize for opening the report as a bug because this is trivial. It does not affect the outcome since alphac is looked up afterwards independent of this if statement. It's just that the if statement will always be running because alphac is not a volVectorField, and the computation for "this->owner().theta()" is redundant. I couldn't also see where else alphacPtr_ is used.

To reproduce the issue, I tested it by placing "Info <<" statement inside the if statement with volVectorField and volScalarField in line 90. volScalarField skips the if statement.


2021-02-12 09:41

manager   ~0011875

Apologies. Yes I see the issue now. You are correct. It should be volScalarField. It doesn't cause an error, because the lookup failure just means the field gets re-generated, but it is missing a potential optimisation.

Fixed in dev by the following commit.


2021-02-12 09:45

manager   ~0011876

And fixed in 8 by:

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