Purpose of the Tracking System

This is a forum for reporting issues with OpenFOAM.
We encourage users to report issues as part of our strategy for sustainable development of OpenFOAM.
  • An "Issue" means "any behaviour that does not meet reasonable expectations, including in design and usability".
  • An Issue does not mean "error in the use of OpenFOAM".
  • This site does not provide free support for the use of OpenFOAM.
  • Reports that indicate a significant possibility of user error will be closed or deleted.
  • Closed reports cannot be reopened.

Getting Started

  • To View Issues: Select My View (top of page).
  • To Report an Issue for the first time: Select Sign Up for a new Account.
  • Please register the account using your real name.
  • We review the registration and set the access level to "reporter", if we are satisfied the account is not spam.
  • We then email you about the changed access level.


  • The personal data of registered users of this site is used in accordance with the Privacy Policy of the OpenFOAM Foundation.
  • Users can view their stored personal data by looking at their Account Details.
  • An email address is the only required personal data, which is used for administrative purposes on this site only.
  • Users can request closure of their account in order to delete their personal information by Contacting the OpenFOAM Foundation.
  • If a user does not login to their account for 2 years, it will be closed.

Reporting an Issue

Existing/previous issues can be freely viewed on this site without registration.
To report an issue, you must register here. The process is quick and secure.
We can only resolve an issue if we can understand and reproduce it. An issue report therefore must include the following:
  • The version of OpenFOAM and operating system.
  • A clear description of the problem to help others who encounter a similar issue in the future.
  • Evidence that user error is not the cause of the issue.
  • A clear set of instructions that reproduces the issue, including key files, if required.
  • (Optionally) A patch, suggestion or idea to resolve the issue.


Very often we request feedback and testing from a user to confirm certain points.
Ultimately, we would like confirmation that an issue is resolved.
Please provide the feedback until the issue is resolved, rather than walking away as soon as your problem is fixed.

Resolution for All

OpenFOAM has thousands of users working across a very broad range of applications, in industry and academia.
When working to resolve an issue, please respect the fact that changes to OpenFOAM must take account of the needs of all its users.

Resolved Issues and OpenFOAM-dev

Changes to OpenFOAM to resolve an issue are generally pushed into OpenFOAM-dev - the development line of OpenFOAM.
Sometimes they are pushed into the bug-fix sources of the latest version, e.g. OpenFOAM-6.
OpenFOAM-dev is releasable-quality. It is packaged weekly for modern versions of Linux, MacOS and Windows 10.
Install OpenFOAM-dev, for the latest fixes to issues reported on this site.