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0002979OpenFOAMBugpublic2020-01-28 19:31
Reporterjulien Assigned Tochris  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
PlatformWSL Ubuntu 18.04OSWindows 64 bitsOS Version(please specify)
Summary0002979: Unable to install openfoam 5 from "" installation guide
Descriptionfollowing the instructions give this error :

Get:26 bionic/universe amd64 libopenmpi-dev amd64 2.1.1-8 [925 kB]
Err:3 bionic/main amd64 paraviewopenfoam54 amd64 0-2
  Undetermined Error [IP: 443]
Fetched 11.6 MB in 2min 4s (93.0 kB/s)
E: Failed to fetch Undetermined Error [IP: 443]
E: Failed to fetch Undetermined Error [IP: 443]
E: Unable to fetch some archives, maybe run apt-get update or try with --fix-missing?
Steps To ReproduceFollow the instructions on ""
Additional InformationLooking directly for
on the net, I was unable to find the files.
Seems that the right adress is
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related to 0003031 closedchris Installation Error of the openfoam6 package on Ubuntu 18.04 



2018-06-13 11:10

updater   ~0009746

The "netix" server is automatically provided by as one of several mirrors. It probably wasn't up-to-date or was down.

If you run "sudo apt update" and try to install again, hopefully it will trigger to switch to another mirror server.


2018-06-13 11:35

reporter   ~0009747

After the update, the server "excellmedia" seems to be used, but the problem remain :

julien@DESKTOP-S1HKUNR:~$ sudo apt-get -y install openfoam5
0 upgraded, 26 newly installed, 0 to remove and 1 not upgraded.
Need to get 130 MB/142 MB of archives.
After this operation, 904 MB of additional disk space will be used.
Err:1 bionic/main amd64 openfoam5 amd64 20180529
  Could not connect to ( - connect (111: Connection refused)
Err:2 bionic/main amd64 paraviewopenfoam54 amd64 0-2
  Unable to connect to
E: Failed to fetch Could not connect to ( - connect (111: Connection refused)
E: Failed to fetch Unable to connect to
E: Unable to fetch some archives, maybe run apt-get update or try with --fix-missing?


2018-06-13 12:08

updater   ~0009748

I've tested this on my Windows 10 machine at work and installed Ubuntu 18.04 from MS Store and had no problems with the download and installation.

It seems that is some weird network access issue in your machine, either due to a security measure or software. You can try to run:


from within the Ubuntu command line, just to confirm if the same error occurs or not.

If it does give the same error, then:

1- Download this and the other file on your Windows machine with your Internet browser.

2- Then you can copy/move the two files in the Ubuntu command line... the path to the Windows "C:" drive is at "/mnt/c".

3- Then run the following commands for installing:

   sudo dpkg -i openfoam5_20180529_amd64.deb
   sudo dpkg -i paraviewopenfoam54_0-2_amd64.deb
   sudo apt-get install -f
   sudo dpkg-reconfigure openfoam5
   sudo dpkg-reconfigure paraviewopenfoam54

4. Follow the instructions from section "User Configuration" at

Please let us know if any of this worked for you.


2018-06-13 13:00

reporter   ~0009749

Ok, I tried the command line you proposed "wget..." and it worked!
I have now a package in my home/user file which I don't know how to install...
Can you help me with that?

What conclusions do you draw from that? Do you have any advices to try fixing the problem with my computer?


2018-06-13 13:05

reporter   ~0009750

Sorry, I suppose I have to follow the points 3 and 4 to install.


2018-06-13 13:36

reporter   ~0009751

Any way, the installation seems to work fine since it display the help manager.
Thank you for this rapid help!
How can I change the status of the thread?


2018-06-13 13:48

updater   ~0009752

I'm glad that the manual installation method worked!

It seems like the problem you've gotten can occur sometimes, either due a 3rd party anti-virus or 3rd party firewall software or due to some weird IPv6 issues, from what I can see on the issues on WSL: - but it's not clear on what happened in your situation.

As for the status of this thread/report - @Chris: I don't know if you want to add this workaround to the page - see comment ~0009748 above, or if we'll wait for a couple more similar occurrences to be reported here?


2018-06-13 15:34

manager   ~0009753

I tried it myself from an Ubuntu 18.04 instance with "apt-get -y install openfoam5". Initially I got:

Err:2 bionic/main amd64 openfoam5 amd64 20180529
  Could not wait for server fd - select (11: Resource temporarily unavailable) [IP: 443]
Get:3 bionic/main amd64 paraviewopenfoam54 amd64 0-2 [48.8 MB]
Fetched 268 MB in 3min 2s (1474 kB/s)

In other words, from the same server one pack downloaded and one failed.

When I tried again, I got:

Get:1 bionic/main amd64 openfoam5 amd64 20180529 [81.3 MB]
Fetched 81.3 MB in 2s (35.2 MB/s)

Admittedly the first one was not "Connection: refused", unlike the report.

Lets wait on this. Documentation must be simple to be accessible to the widest audience, and adding information that is rarely needed makes it complex.


2018-06-16 12:05

manager   ~0009778

Let's close. If the problem recurs then we can look at this again.

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