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0002924OpenFOAM[All Projects] Bugpublic2018-05-14 18:31
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Summary0002924: [issues]fvDoM raidation model using symmetry boundary condition in IDefaults

I am not sure if I should call this is a bug, but I don't have other options.

Basically, in my heat transfer case, I have a symmetry plane. I found when I am using fvDOM radiation model, the surface (using externalWallHeatFluxTemperature for T, greyDiffusiveRadiation for IDefaults boundary condtion) next to symmetry plane (using symmetry both in T and IDefaults boundary conditon) has a high chance to obtain weird (diverged) radiation heat flux at some mesh points. This weird radiation heat flux will eventually lead simulation to get a negative temperature.

I used to have a similar issue at surface (same externalWallHeatFluxTemperature, greyDiffusiveRadiation) near Velocity inlet (fixedValue for T, and zeroGradient for IDefaults). But in inlet boundary condition, I can switch it to greyDiffusiveRadiation for IDefaults. Then, I got much improved convergence and no weird radiation happened.

However, if I try to apply greyDiffusiveRadiation on symmetry plane (symmetry for U, T ... and greyDiffusiveRadiation for IDefaults), OpenFOAM will throw an error said boundary condition type is clashed between symmetry and greyDiffusiveRadiation.

I am highly doubt if the symmetry boundary condition is corrected in fvDoM radiation model, and wondering if there is a way to try apply greyDiffusiveRadiation without clash with symmetry?


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2018-05-11 16:06

updater   ~0009555

Quoting from the rules page:

  An issue report therefore must include the following:

    * A clear set of instructions that reproduces the issue, including key files, if required.

What I mean is that a complete test case, ready to be used, would make it a lot easier to figure out what's going on, preferably one based on OpenFOAM's own tutorial cases. And since you're more familiar with what to expect, such a test case would allow us to reproduce the same error and diagnose the issues.


2018-05-14 18:31

manager   ~0009572

FvDOM does not work in conjunction with constraint patches which involve transformations. This is a limitation, not a bug.

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