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0002799OpenFOAM[All Projects] Bugpublic2017-12-24 00:48
ReporteroliverAssigned Tochris 
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Summary0002799: Stuck at installation after downloading
DescriptionI followed the installation according to

At step 5, after entering the command "openfoam5-linux" the download starts and seems to finish. However afterwards I seem to be stuck here. According to the installation guide a short wait is to be expected. However after 1-2 hours I am quite certain that something is wrong.

User: "oliver" (ID 1000, group ID 1000)
Unable to find image 'openfoam/openfoam5-paraview54:latest' locally
latest: Pulling from openfoam/openfoam5-paraview54
bd97b43c27e3: Pull complete
6960dc1aba18: Pull complete
2b61829b0db5: Pull complete
1f88dc826b14: Pull complete
73b3859b1e43: Pull complete
bc58c9e7c737: Pull complete
e0a2212b937d: Pull complete
48b55d3f0597: Pull complete
692bde65d802: Pull complete
254a0eeb48e7: Pull complete
733c3621b055: Pull complete
526f77bb2ef3: Pull complete
63075fd2f248: Pull complete
9b42cce51b24: Pull complete
50b0ebcbc307: Pull complete
d1946d28c6d4: Pull complete
6ec2b2e8cf0b: Pull complete
Digest: sha256:af4a4f9ec379f3b01730a201eba0b3bd2d40ff447805fb8a5de8378832d95199
Status: Downloaded newer image for openfoam/openfoam5-paraview54:latest

Here the console does not respond, I'd have to kill the process openfoam5-linux.
I'd be happy to try any suggestions.



related to 0002788 closedchris Docker instance hangs!? 



2017-12-23 22:14

updater   ~0009179

@oliver: Please see issue #2788, namely the last comment:

@Chris: Looks like it's best to document this on the download page too - - so that people are not caught off-guard.


2017-12-23 23:11

reporter   ~0009180

@wyldckat Thanks a lot sharing this info, would have never made this connection on my own!


2017-12-24 00:48

manager   ~0009181

Added a note to download page in the "Linux Distributions" section.

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