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0002609OpenFOAM[All Projects] Bugpublic2018-07-10 11:24
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Summary0002609: SIMPLE and SIMPLEC produce different results
DescriptionI've tested a SIMPLEC vs SIMPLE algorithms for my simulation and found that SIMPLEC produced a significantly higher velocities compared to SIMPLE.

The case was the same. The only things that were changed were:
1) consistent yes;
2) no relaxation for pressure; relaxation for velocity 0.9

A screenshot with comparative cross-sections is attached.

From my own experience I could say that result with SIMPLE seems to be correct.
But why SIMPLEC gives a different result ?

I can upload the case if it is necessary.
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wyldckat (updater)

I'm not familiar with how SIMPLEC works, what are the expectable results and the settings that are meant to be used... but there is at least one important detail that is missing in this report: What about the residuals?

And the follow up questions: What do the residual plots look like? Did both simulations really converge? Or did you simply let it run only for X iterations and assume it converged?

Beyond this, your report is looking too much like a support request, than a bug report. Please follow the instructions given here: https://bugs.openfoam.org/rules.php


Svensen (reporter)

The residual plots are attached.
It is a pulsatile flow with pulse period of 0.77 s. I've simulated 5 full periods.

OK, I will post this topic on cfd-online.com tomorrow.


henry (reporter)

User support request

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