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0001822OpenFOAMBugpublic2016-06-11 16:51
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Summary0001822: erased refinement history files for reconstructParMesh with dynamicFvMesh
DescriptionAny *DyMFoam solver stores the refinement history files (cellLevel, pointLevel, refinementHistory). If the case is run in parallel for dynamic refinement, then this files cannot be reconstructed with the command "reconstructParMesh".

This is problematic, if the reconstructed case is decomposed and run again. It re-refines the already refined cells since there exists no refinement history files.

Modifications to reconstructParMesh command are required in order to correctly reconstruct the refinement related files.
Steps To ReproduceTake any *DyMFoam solver;
2)run solver
6)run solver again starting from latestTime.

Observation: the cells, which were refined during (2), are refined again in (6).
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2015-08-11 23:41

updater   ~0005222

If I remember correctly, dynamic meshes are reconstructed using "reconstructPar".
The utility "reconstructParMesh" was designed for reconstructing static meshes.

Can you please let us know if not using step #3 ( "3)reconstructParMesh" ) on your list solves the problem?


2015-08-12 12:41


Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately, reconstructPar is not working with the refinement enabled cases. Because, each saved time has different mesh file in processor folder and "pointProcAddressing" is missing if you want to run reconstructPar. Therefore, it is a must to run reconstructParMesh to create mesh folders.


2015-09-27 20:50

updater   ~0005370

Quoting alpalbayrak from #1855:
«For any *DyMFoam solver, decomposePar is not working for refinementHistory file, which is stored in polyMesh folder in time folders. This disables the unrefinement process in parallel run.»


2016-06-10 11:56

reporter   ~0006421

Fixed in merge 1441f8cab064a79b65e0dc7c80e86b8c45dc2f80 (in dev) from the OpenFOAM-history repo, in particular:

    decomposePar: clean up decomposition of refinement data from snappyHexMesh

    reconstructPar: reconstruct refinement data (refineHexMesh, snappyHexMesh)

    reconstructParMesh: reconstruct refinement data (refineHexMesh, snappyHexMesh)


2016-06-11 16:51

manager   ~0006433

Resolved in OpenFOAM-dev by commit 1441f8cab064a79b65e0dc7c80e86b8c45dc2f80

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