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0000885OpenFOAM[All Projects] Bugpublic2015-02-24 17:00
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Summary0000885: RotorDiskSource affected by cylindricalCS bug previously reported 2012-12-21 and other specific bug
DescriptionThe new source implemented into Openfoam "RotorDisk" accept as true that correct cylindrical transformation is applied over vector fields using cylindricalCS tool.

That transformation is valid for points but not for vector fields.

Apart from that bug already known, this source is "valid" only for propellers but not for wind turbines.
Steps To ReproduceWind Turbine modelled
Additional Informationvector localForce = vector(0.0, -f*Cd, tipFactor*f*Cl); //ORIGINAL

It is needed to project Cd and Cl ( obtained from polar curves) taking into account the angle of attack "alphaEff". When alphaEff is too small, the cosine is almost one and the approximation may be valid. In the case of helicopters for example the major force contribution is normal to the rotor plane, but when dealing with windmill, it is needed to take into account also the swirl due to the lift component.
So if I am correct:
-f*Cd ====> -f*Cd*cos(alphaEff)+tipFactor*f*Cl*sin(alphaEff)



2015-02-14 21:41

updater   ~0003773

The related bug report #708 was fixed last year:

Is this bug report still applicable or was it fixed as well back then?


2015-02-24 16:59

manager   ~0003887

Fixed in OpenFOAM-2.3.x

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