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0000860OpenFOAMBugpublic2014-12-29 17:32
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Summary0000860: Erroneous description of atmBoundaryLayerInletVelocityFvPatchVectorField in Doxygen
DescriptionIn the description of atmBoundaryLayerInletVelocityFvPatchVectorField in Doxygen it is stated that the property 'z' is a 'vertical co-ordinate [m]'. This property should be (as far as I understand) the direction of the z-coordinate. This is also stated in atmBoundaryLayerInletVelocity/atmBoundaryLayerInletVelocityFvPatchVectorField.H.

Because of this, the example in Doxygen also fails to run as z should be a vector:

        type atmBoundaryLayerInletVelocity;
        n (0 1 0);
        z 1.0;
        kappa 0.41;
        Uref 1.0;
        Href 0.0;
        z0 uniform 0.0;
        zGround uniform 0.0;
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2013-05-21 09:53


There is also a small typo in the description of Zg: vlaue -> value


2013-05-22 12:52


And of course this originates from the file atmBoundaryLayerInletVelocityFvPatchVectorField.H


2014-12-29 17:32

manager   ~0003408

Resolved by commit 278819d0ef6b301f698f66aa00605c687c702a5d

Note that I have renamed Href -> Zref so that the implementation and documentation are more consistent rather than apparently written with the purpose of confusing the user.

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