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0000840OpenFOAMBugpublic2013-09-26 14:11
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Summary0000840: Cuttingplane produce really bad results in OF 2.2.0

I'm switching from OF 2.1.1 to OF 2.2.0 and everything works well for me except cutting planes which give strange fields (see attached picture) whereas it was good in OF 2.1.1. The global domain solutions (in processor* folders) are fine however.

I tried to change all the parameters in the cuttingPlane definition but nothing works.

It does the same thing for me when I run the motorbike tutorial.

Since nobody reported this, I guess it comes from my installation, any advice ?
Steps To Reproducerun motorbike tutorial
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2013-05-07 10:16


prob_cuttingPlane1.png (229,537 bytes)   
prob_cuttingPlane1.png (229,537 bytes)   


2013-05-07 10:56


Can you re-check in 2.2.x? There have been some fixes since 2.2.0.
(notably 351038242cb669c5bb541ccb6a692091fd5e0e60)


2013-05-08 11:08


Thanks for your quick reply. Unfortunately, the guy from the IT team in charge of software installation in my company is absent right now. I will ask him to install the newest version and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.


2013-09-26 13:53


I had the same problem with OpenFoam Version 2.2.0. After installing OpenFoam 2.2.1, the contour on the cuttingPlane is correct, therefore this bug seems to be fixed.


2013-09-26 14:11


fixed in 351038242cb669c5bb541ccb6a692091fd5e0e60

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