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0000829OpenFOAM[All Projects] Bugpublic2014-02-18 10:04
Assigned Touser2 
PlatformLinuxOSMintOS Version14
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Summary0000829: VoidFraction field always returns 0 (exactly)
DescriptionThe cloud function object "voidFraction" always calculate theta = 0 (exactly) (i.e. does not work).
Steps To ReproduceTake for example the "hopper" tutorial, and add the voidFraction function object to kinematicCloudProperties:


Run the tutorial. The voidFraction field is written, but is zero (exactly) at all times. Also see http://www.cfd-online.com/Forums/openfoam-solving/112612-cloud-function-objects-question.html which is the same problem.
Additional InformationTo experiment and debug, I added a print to terminal at the end of the postMove-function in VoidFraction.C:

template<class CloudType>
void Foam::VoidFraction<CloudType>::postMove
    const parcelType& p,
    const label cellI,
    const scalar dt,
    volScalarField& theta = thetaPtr_();

    theta[cellI] += dt*p.nParticle()*p.volume();
    Info<< "Post-move hook"<<endl;

I also did the same in the postEvolve function:

template<class CloudType>
void Foam::VoidFraction<CloudType>::postEvolve()
    volScalarField& theta = thetaPtr_();

    const fvMesh& mesh = this->owner().mesh();

    theta.internalField() /= mesh.time().deltaTValue()*mesh.V();

    Info<< "Post-evolve hook"<<endl;

The result is that the only message printed to terminal is the "Post-evolve hook" message, which is printed after the cloud has evolved. The "Post-move hook" message is never printed. I therefore suspect that postMove() is never called, and that this the reason for the kinematicCloudTheta field to be zero.
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hakostra (reporter)

I guess the solution to the problem is posted here: http://www.cfd-online.com/Forums/openfoam-solving/97629-dispersion-model-lagragian-particle-tracking-model-incompressible-flows-2.html#post420104

I have tried it, and it looks like it is working fine, although I have not yet verified the results.



Thanks for the report - fixed by commit 8f8d4bf


hakostra (reporter)

I believe that this issue has re-surfaced. Repeat the same procedure, i.e. try to calculate the 'voidFraction' in the 'hopper' tutorial. The field is written, but is exactly zero at all times. Tested on latest Git verion, 2.2.x-9fbba21a924c.



Thanks for the report - fixed by commit f08a413

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