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0000773OpenFOAMBugpublic2013-03-12 17:34
Reporterdhora Assigned Touser2 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Summary0000773: Bugs in forces functionObject
DescriptionFirst bug:

    blade_PsiTorque // Name
        type forces;
        functionObjectLibs ( "" );
        outputControl timeStep; // outputTime, timeStep
        outputInterval 1;
        patches (Blade_PS Blade_SS Blade_TE);
        pName p;
        UName Urel;
        rhoName rhoInf;
        log true;
        rhoInf 998.0;
        CofR (0 0 0);

Only the values of the last patch are written into the output file.

Second bug:

If the list of patches is being changed during the run, the functionObject overwrites the current file and doesn't create a new file in a new time directory which means that the values of the previous time steps are lost.
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2013-03-12 17:34


Thanks for the report - resolved by commit 31b8ad0

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