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0000690OpenFOAM[All Projects] Bugpublic2015-02-05 21:16
ReporterHishamAssigned Tohenry 
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PlatformLinuxOSUbuntu OS Version11.04
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Summary0000690: False naming of internal faceZone/faceSet produced by gmshToFoam
DescriptionSelecting an internal surface in a Gmsh geometry and assigning a physical surface name to it, it is transferred as a faceZone/faceSet of a name different than the assigned name to the physical surface. However, the assigned name is the name of the cellZone that has the same index of the faceZone.
Steps To Reproducegmsh -3 file.geo; gmshToFoam file.msh
Additional InformationSolution:

This solution worked for me: Line #1062 in gmshToFoam.C
instead of:

label physReg = zoneToPhys[zoneI];


label physReg = patchToPhys[zoneI];
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2012-12-11 19:30


I'm facing the same problem, but your suggestion didn't help. Some new solution?


2012-12-14 18:52

reporter   ~0001841

It is working for me. So excuse me for this question: have you recompiled gmshToFoam after editing the code?


2013-01-03 13:55


Hello Hisham,

indeed, I haven't compiled the edited gmshToFoam.C file.

After login via "sudo bash" as root, changing to gmshToFoam directory and applying "wmake" it recompiled the new file. Now, gmshToFoam is assigning facesets/cellsets correctly.

Thank you for your solution!

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