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0000653OpenFOAMBugpublic2012-10-08 11:56
Reporteruser331Assigned Tohenry  
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PlatformLinuxOSOpenSUSEOS Version11.4
Summary0000653: dynamicFvMesh; single boundary movement causes inconsistency in deforming cells
DescriptionWhen only a subset of cells in the mesh are being deformed in a single direction, the pressure and temperature are not consistent. Compressing these cells for a closed domain causes the temperature in them to decrease when it should increase.
Steps To Reproduce1. Compile sprayDyMFoam from an earlier bug report:
2. Extract the case aachenBombSingleCellMove
3. Run blockMesh and sprayDyMFoam
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2012-09-25 18:32



2012-10-07 21:37

manager   ~0001704

It appears that there is a bug in the sprayDyMFoam posted here. Try reproducing this problem with a solver we release with OpenFOAM e.g. engineFoam and supply a test case for us to study.


2012-10-08 00:08


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I'll be on vacation for the next three weeks; I'm uploading a version that works. I also tried to make a version of the kivaTutorial that uses fvMotionSolverEngineMesh, but couldn't figure the right boundary condition for piston. You'll need to copy over the otape17 file.

I'll be on vacation for the next 3 weeks, so I won't be monitoring/replying until I get back on the 25th. Cheers and thanks for looking into this!


2012-10-08 00:10


sprayDyMFoam.tar.gz (4,858 bytes)


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2012-10-08 11:56

manager   ~0001710

Thanks for the bug report.
Resolved by commit 037278d5af96578835e55155bb9dbf9ebfe74e99

Note that you will need to change dpdt in pEqn.H in your sprayDyMFoam:

dpdt = fvc::ddt(p) - fvc::div(fvc::meshPhi(rho, U), p);

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