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0000639OpenFOAM[All Projects] Bugpublic2015-02-05 10:11
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Summary0000639: Wall distance across non-matching AMI
DescriptionWall distance across non-matching AMI is not correct. Not sure if it's a bug or just not supported.
Steps To ReproduceTest case (5 MB) can be provided if requested.



2012-08-30 10:28


AMI_bug.pdf (27,725 bytes)


2012-08-30 10:37


It should work, there is no distinction between 1:1 matching and non-1:1 matching in AMI, they all are just using an interpolated value (based on the area overlap).

What are your weights min and max and average?

Can you set up a tiny case that demonstrates the problem?



2012-08-30 18:20


The problem is that the functions to make the nearest wall point relative are not reciprocal so accumulate errors.

I'll push a workaround 5ecafe8a5e035a55781a3b62a7870b585daaf0ed which for collocated AMI does not use these functions and will have a think about how to solve it in general.


2015-02-05 10:11

manager   ~0003688

More accurate wall distance fields may be obtained using the Poisson or advectionDiffusion methods which will operate across AMIs in the same manner as solving for any FV field.

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