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0000612OpenFOAM[All Projects] Bugpublic2012-08-13 10:51
ReporterwyldckatAssigned Touser2 
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Summary0000612: "paraFoam -builtin" indicates that it requires the official plugin
DescriptionI've found this several months ago, but I kept forgetting about reporting this issue.
The fix is very simple: the "-builtin" option should set "requirePV=0" as well, as shown in the "Steps To Reproduce" below.
Steps To Reproducediff --git a/bin/paraFoam b/bin/paraFoam
index 867212e..e6465f0 100755
--- a/bin/paraFoam
+++ b/bin/paraFoam
@@ -85,6 +85,7 @@ do
+ requirePV=0
Additional InformationRelated hint/suggestion for the next OpenFOAM release(s) - ParaView development packages are already supplied in some of the major Linux distributions:
* Ubuntu - paraview-dev
* Fedora - paraview-devel

Although since ParaView versions evolve with each release for each Linux distribution... it would possibly require that OpenFOAM's own plug-in individually evolved as well along with each distribution's ParaView version.
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2012-08-13 10:51


Thanks for the report - resolved by commit a551091

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