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0000590OpenFOAMBugpublic2012-07-25 10:04
Reporteruser476Assigned Tohenry  
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PlatformLinuxOSCentOSOS Version5.5
Summary0000590: snappyhexmesh compiled with intel compiler crashes when run parallel
Descriptionsnappyhexmesh compiled with intel compiler crashes when run parallel right after "Feature refinement iteration 0" with an Index error ("size x out of range 0 ... y")
Similar issue was reported when snappyHexMesh was compiled with Debug-options crashes when run in parallel - "ID 0000088" and it was marked fixed in the tracker.
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2012-07-20 13:11

updater   ~0001477

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I'm curious about this report...
Can you provide more details:
* What ICC version are you using?
* 32 or 64bit?
* Is this issue triggered when using the OpenFOAM tutorials that use "snappyHexMesh" in parallel? If so, which ones?
* (edit) And which MPI library?


2012-07-20 14:06


The behavior is a bit strange.
64bit version
Try the 'flange' tutorial in shm 2.1.x. Try with this setting:
    --> Use hierarchical decomposition into 4 sub-domains ( 1 1 4 ) and run it.

openmpi 1.5.3


2012-07-21 01:15

updater   ~0001483

I tried to reproduce the error, but wasn't able to do it. Here are the specs of the environment I used for the test:
* AMD 1055T, so I had to disable SS3 in the wmake rules for c++. This implies a rather big difference from using an Intel CPU, given that the optimizations used are different :(

* icc --version
icc (ICC) 12.1.4 20120410
Copyright (C) 1985-2012 Intel Corporation. All rights reserved.
(Non-commercial version for Linux.)

* Couldn't get the flange tutorial to work in parallel from your description, so I went with the tutorial "incompressible/pisoFoam/les/motorBike/motorBike".
In "snappyHexMeshDict" I had to reduce the surface refinement level from "6 8" to "5 7", due to insufficient memory (only have around 6 GB).
Then simply ran Allrun; after snappyHexMesh completed, I aborted execution. The "log.snappyHexMesh" file showed no errors and there was no crash. Took 319s to complete.

Personally I won't be able to test this with an Intel CPU, so try to use the same tutorial I used to check if the same issue occurs.


2012-07-21 12:47


Last edited: 2012-07-21 12:49

I compiled OF2.1.0 in DEBUG mode using gcc version 4.4.5 on Ubuntu and i ran the motorbike snappyhexmesh case in parallel...and it failed.
--> Use hierarchical decomposition into 2 sub-domains ( 1 1 2 ) and run it.
It fails at "Surface refinement iteration 1".

Please try this and let me know what happens.


2012-07-22 12:56



2012-07-22 12:56



2012-07-22 13:00

updater   ~0001485

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I've been unable to reproduce the errors you're getting.

I've attached 2 test cases, one using scotch/ptscotch for decomposition/sHM and another with scotch/hierarchical. Both have worked with Gcc and Icc on my AMD machine.

Do these 2 work for you? Or do both crash?

Don't forget that to use them, run:


2012-07-22 14:52


log.snappyHexMesh (19,800 bytes)


2012-07-22 14:55


I dloaded 'motorBike_21x_parallel_hierarchical.tar.gz' and ran it using Allrun, It failed. (Ran using OF2.1.0 compiled in DEBUG mode).
I've attached the snappyhexmesh log file.
My machine is an Intel. Now i'm starting to doubt if its about AMD vs Intel .


2012-07-22 19:07

updater   ~0001488

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Well, from issue #88 we already know that the debug version is going to crash either way.
Can you try with your version built with the Intel compiler (non-debug version)?

As for AMD vs Intel: the thing that might be different here would be the SSE3 option that I can't use. The CPU differences shouldn't play much weight in this kind of compilation. But there could be a bug in the SSE3 optimizations made by the Intel compiler!


2012-07-23 14:21


I've pushed a change to the construction order of the polyPatches. It should no work with DEBUG. Could you try again?

Commit a41115f0953bdb166ca5c09ac4b15638fe3aa75b


2012-07-25 10:01


Hi mattijs

shm works fine now with your commit.(debug mode)

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