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0000581OpenFOAM[All Projects] Bugpublic2012-07-11 15:29
ReporternogenmyrAssigned Touser21 
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PlatformLinuxOSCentOSOS Version5.4
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Summary0000581: 2.1.x chemistry->correct() significiantly slower
DescriptionWith the new implementation of the chemistry time advancement there is a significant slow down. In a test, it appears that the chemistry->correct() stage in reactingFoam is approx. 10 times slower than the #include chemistry.H in 2.0.x, though it appears that they perform essentially the same work. Settings for ode solver and other were identical.
Steps To ReproduceIn 2.1.x-06e2b3354a6c $FOAM_TUTORIALS/combustion/reactingFoam/ras/counterFlowFlame2D, change the resolution of mesh 10 times in both directions. Run with reactingFoam. First time step ~200 s on my machine.

Repeat in 2.0.x-03233a7696f0, with corresponding tutorial, resolution, and solver. First time step ~20 s on same machine.
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2012-07-11 15:29


We found a problem in the PaSR model which is used in this tutorial.
It is fixed in 2.1.x. If you pull from our repository you will get the fix.

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