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0000577OpenFOAM[All Projects] Bugpublic2013-09-04 09:24
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PlatformLinuxOSCentOSOS Version5.4
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Summary0000577: spray and dynamic meshes...
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seems to cause MPI errors upon parcel injection. Commenting the lines out gives a running code. (hopefully correct for at least 3D cases)
Steps To ReproduceTransform the aachenBomb case into a dynamicMesh case and run with sprayEngineFoam solver in parallel.
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nogenmyr (reporter)

Ok, I've been digging a bit further.

meshTools::constrainToMeshCentre calls for polyMesh::geometricD(), which in turn calls polyMesh::calcDirections() only when there was a mesh update. polyMesh::calcDirections() has in turn a few MPI calls.

During run, not all processors will call constrainToMeshCentre equal amounts of time, which causes a sync problem. (my understanding). A less ugly hack than suggested above would be to let all processors call constrainToMeshCentre the same amount of times, even they do not need it for their own:

In InjectionModel<CloudType>::injectSteadyState that means adding an else-statement:

if (cellI > -1)
 .... (unaltered)
   point p(0.,0.,0.);
   Vector<scalar> v(0.,0.,0.);
   meshTools::constrainToMeshCentre(mesh, p);



Thanks for the report - fixed by commit 4189687

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