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0000570OpenFOAM[All Projects] Bugpublic2012-07-02 13:53
Reporteruser19Assigned Touser4 
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Summary0000570: ptscotchDecomp.C reads from both ptscotchCoeffs and scotchCoeffs
DescriptionThe ptscotchDecomp method reads the writeGraph entry from the ptscotchCoeffs sub-dictionary, all other entries, however, from the scotchCoeffs sub-dictionary. If this is indeed a bug (not so sure myself, some documentation would certainly help here), a simple s/"scotchCoeffs"/"ptscotchCoeffs"/g will do the trick.
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2012-07-02 09:45


Good point. My feeling is that it should read it from scotchCoeffs since ptscotch is basically the same as scotch except runs distributed.


2012-07-02 13:28


Ok, so then it should rather be s/"ptscotchCoeffs"/"scotchCoeffs"/g, right?


2012-07-02 13:53


Thanks, changed it to scotchCoeffs in


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