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0000050OpenFOAMBugpublic2010-10-07 18:01
Reporteruser47Assigned Touser2 
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PlatformSony VaioOSLinux MintOS VersionUbuntu 9.10
Summary0000050: Crash using DirectMappedVelocityFluxField
DescriptionDear developers and/or debuggers,

When using the directMappedVelocityFlux patch to remap the U field, pisoFoam crashes when using the NEARESTFACE option.

If interested, I can post the error message associated with the crash, but I've traced the origin back to the following piece of code in directMappedVelocityFluxFixedValueFvPatchField:

00209 newUValues = patch().patchSlice(newUValues);

The thing is that newUValues was declared slightly higher with

00176 vectorField newUValues;

but was not used/instantiated after that.
Reading the similar routine used in directMappedFixedValueFvPatchField.C, I guess the variable in brackets should be allUValues and not newUValues, leading to:

00209 newUValues = patch().patchSlice(allUValues);

This is however only an educated guess of yours truly..
Kind regards,

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2010-10-01 13:16


Thanks for the report - resolved under commit 5839fff42615cb23d1b8e7dc868e15b7147851fa

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