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Summary0000486: production term of omega equation in the implement of SST model
Descriptionthe implement of SST model in the OpenFOAM is of the one mentioned in the relative head file. which should be same to in another literature "Mentor, F. R., Kuntz, M., and Langtry, R., "Ten Years of Industrial Experience with the SST Turbulence Model," Turbulence, Heat and Mass Transfer 4, ed: K. Hanjalic, Y. Nagano, and M. Tummers, Begell House, Inc., 2003, pp. 625 - 632.", while the there is a typographic error of production term (Gw) of turbulent frequency (omega),which was mentioned in the NASA`s web page "", as "Menter SST Two-Equation Model from 2003 (SST-2003)". and also another bug of formula to computing nut in kOmegaSST model,where a factor of 2 is lost. which had already mentioned in 1.7.x here (
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2012-03-30 10:41


Could you provide more information regarding the "typo" error regarding Gw in the link. I could not find it myself.


2012-03-30 11:43


Last edited: 2012-03-30 11:45

in the section "Menter SST Two-Equation Model from 2003 (SST-2003)" of NASA website( ):

"Note, however, a typographical error existed in this paper that was subsequently corrected by the authors. In the omega equation (2nd part of eqn (1) in the paper), the production term was incorrectly given as alpha * rho * S^2(using the paper's notation). Instead, it should have read alpha* Pk/nut, where the Pk term has a tilde over it."


2012-03-30 12:38


Yes, now it is clear.

I've been cross checking all other reference for that specific term and I could not find a paper where these two terms are defined as said in your link. If you could provide us with the reference cited where it is said to have been corrected. I'd review it.



2012-03-30 13:33


would you please send a mail to me? I can`t upload the relative file in this page.


2012-03-30 14:13


It should be possible to attach a file on the bug report page or eventually you can send us on the enquiries web site.


2012-03-30 14:27


No,I don`t know why I can`t upload it here, I have checked the size of file is within the uplimit. so would you please give me a link of enquires web site which I can up load the file.


2012-03-30 14:32


Please send it attached to:



2012-03-30 15:15


Ok. I hope useful


2012-04-02 09:16


Thanks for the paper, but we prefer to keep the original paper as submitted
by the authors. If you can find a published paper with the modification and its
benefits we'll have a look at it.

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