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0000479OpenFOAMBugpublic2012-03-23 09:23
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Summary0000479: foamToTecplot360 removed, but Tecplot 360 native loader not dependable
DescriptionI am unable to open most cases I've run with OpenFOAM 2.1 in Tecplot 360. When I try to load the case, I'll get a message like

    The FEA Loader encountered an internal error from reading the file which may affect loading.

    Function : vdm_OpenFOAMLibOpen
    Error : SYS_ERROR_FORMAT Improper or incomplete file format
    Message : Invalid points file/faces file/controlDict

    Attempting to continue...

and then Tecplot 360 closes. The cases were run on OpenFOAM 2.1 on CentOS 5 and then opened on Tecplot on Ubuntu 10.04 and Windows.

I realize this at first glance looks like a Tecplot bug, but it becomes a bit more problematic because foamToTecplot360 does not seem to be in OpenFOAM anymore, so I have to use an older version of OpenFOAM for the conversion.
Steps To ReproduceRun

$ cp -r $FOAM_TUTORIALS/basic/potentialFoam/pitzDaily .
cylinder/ pitzDaily/
$ cd pitzDaily/
$ ./Allrun
Running blockMesh on /home_share/mgraham/bug/pitzDaily
Running potentialFoam on /home_share/mgraham/bug/pitzDaily
Running streamFunction on /home_share/mgraham/bug/pitzDaily

then try to open the case in Tecplot 360.
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2012-03-22 21:07

manager   ~0001164

> Tecplot 360 native loader not dependable

Have you contacted TecPlot about this? Our understanding is that they are developing and maintaining an interface to OpenFOAM and they should be able to fix the problem in their reader for you.


2012-03-22 23:25


Our support contract with Tecplot expired, but I am planning to report this to them as soon as it's turned back on. I realize the bug I directly encountered is theirs.

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