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0000447OpenFOAM[All Projects] Bugpublic2012-03-21 09:13
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Summary0000447: Provide "=" as another way to write "#calc" in dictionaries.
DescriptionI was very glad to see the new #calc directive introduced in 2.1 as a shortcut for #codeStream, allowing great ease of use for run-time code compilation. I have been using it extensively to prepare parametric dictionaries.

I think this feature might be even nicer to use if the syntax "=" instead of "#calc" was allowed. That is to say

    c = "$a/$b";

would mean the same thing as

    c #calc "$a/$b";
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Interesting idea. However the #calc is a preprocessing directive, i.e. gets evaluated at parsing time. The '=' just gets parsed as another word into the dictionary. Giving '=' another meaning would mean not being able to use it in any context.

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