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0000433OpenFOAM[All Projects] Bugpublic2015-01-01 14:52
ReporterJay Bee 
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Summary0000433: Installing OpenFOAM from the instructions with tcsh
DescriptionInstructions of OF installation at
don't work if you are using tcsh. That is not made clear upfront. The very first command does not work.
Also, the cshrc file is not up-to-date ... some of the $FOAM values are not the same as the bashrc. After fixing these issues on my local install (following the steps outlined on the webpage) - I could get icoFoam to work, but paraFoam did not work. Also, I could not run icoFoam in parallel (mpirun -np 2 icoFoam). I had to install Third-party directory in my home directory (installation in /opt would not work) and make appropriate changes in the cshrc file so that it could find the correct mpi
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Hello Jay,

You are right in that the pre-built packs only support bash. I thought I was the only person left running tcsh ;-) so haven't done those tcsh scipts.

Using the source pack (or git) and building it yourself should work ok under tcsh (that is how I am running)


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