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0004099OpenFOAMBugpublic2024-06-18 10:34
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Summary0004099: particle tracking: using BC 'codedFixedValue': un-physical trajectory?
DescriptionHi OF team!
- I'm getting un-physical (I think, at least) particle trajectories where they flow in basically a 'sheet' when I expect they occupy an expanding cone (from the 'codedFixedValue' boundary).
- ParaView shows that all velocity components within my custom BC are correctly assigned to the patch.
- To reproduce my results, use this case setup:
- Sheet-like flow, that I'm getting, shown in attached image file.

Any thoughts are very appreciated! Regards, Nick
Steps To ReproduceUn-comment the spatially-varying Ux component code (comment out: Ux = 0).
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2024-06-17 06:38


flow-horizontal.png (110,257 bytes)   
flow-horizontal.png (110,257 bytes)   


2024-06-18 09:56

manager   ~0013278

It's not obvious whether or not this is a bug. It's not even obvious to me that there is a "sheet" in the image (I think I'd need the 3-D model to be able to see that). Reproduction does not look feasible. It appears that multiple scripts in multiple cases have to be run with multiple different dependencies (cfMesh, gMsh, ESI-OpenFOAM, OpenFOAM-dev), and no ./Allrun is in place to execute the whole process.

If you can provide a case with a single ./Allrun script and no dependencies other than OpenFOAM-dev, and that runs in a reasonable amount of time on a desktop, then I'll run it and have a look (e.g., maybe pre-generate the mesh and upload it to a file sharing service). But, even if you do that, if I conclude it is a configuration error then you won't get any help here. We don't provide advice or support on this platform.

As it stands this constitutes a user support request. Closing.

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